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  1. Vapor torpedo glass hookah

    I am about to get my first glass hookah and a shop sells the vapor torpedo less than a mile from my house. If anyone has it or has smoked out of it can you give me an opinion if it's a good hookah for under 200, I really want to get one from a shop and not off line so I can smoke the day I get payed. Thanks for your input if anyone gets to me
  2. Latest Shisha Order Thread

    Has anyone else tried adalya. I just got 250 of adalya mint and so far I'm pretty happy
  3. Latest Shisha Order Thread

    Fantasia Lucky with orange soda in the base, kind tasted like sour patch kids
  4. Smoking Right Now Thread

    Does anybody know any good lounges in Michigan
  5. Lounges in Michigan

    Does anyone know a good lounge in/near Port Huron Michigan(or any ones in Michigan at all), I'm moving soon and I wanna know a good spot to go chill
  6. New hookah bowl?

    The only thing with that bowl is that it does have a very large history of breaking. Idk how bc I don't have one and only my friends have used it, not me personally. They've said it smokes well but it's nothing on an og phunnel.
  7. New hookah bowl?

    I haven't personally smoked out of them, but I've done research and so far for what you're looking for the alien mini and the eighty foot bowl take about 20 grams depending on what you smoke. They both fit with the kaloud lotus if you have one.
  8. Strongest mint

    Between these three mints - Starbuzz white mint Fumari mint Tangier's cane mint Which is the strongest minty flavor. I prefer my mint more of an Altoids type rather than a candy mint so that's what I mean by the strongest minty flavor
  9. Best mint in bulk

    I thought you couldn't get cane mint in kilo and that makes me really happy. So far that's the only Tangier's I've been able to try and I am glad you told me. I'll be watching for that on 5star
  10. Best mint in bulk

    Hey guys, I want to know what is the best/strongest mint of any brand that comes in a kilo.