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  1. Jerryzman

    Disposing of hot coals

    Thank you for the information. I wanted to upload a pic for my profile, but everytime I do I get an error message. Can someone explain hiw to upload a photo file?
  2. Jerryzman

    Disposing of hot coals

    If I decide to stop smoking before the coals are burned out. What's the best way to get them off of your bowl?
  3. Jerryzman

    Hi there from Central Florida

    My name is Jerry Zito. I live in Ormond Beach which is about 12 miles north of Daytona Beach. Any NASCAR fans will know where I'm talking about. I was a cigar smoker for many years, and quit last year and took up vaping. I have established quite a collection of devices and juices. Something was missing. I thought, I would love to try a hookah but I don't want tobacco so I sort of put it off. After some research, I discovered that there was non-tobaco shisha. I started out with a cheap but nice hookah from Ebay. Didn't want to spend a lot and find that I didn't like it. Well let me tell you. I loaded up my hookah with some strawberry shisha, and it was one of the most pleasureable experiences. I intend to get a better one soon. I also purchased an E-Head from a company called "Square" It allows me to vape my juices through my hookah. Anyway, enough about me, I hope to enjoy interacting with you folks and exchange some ideas. I am also on a vaping forum and it's quite a friendly place. I am sure this one is as well. Also, I tried to upload a gif and a pic for my profile, but I keep getting an upload error message. Any Ideas?
  4. Jerryzman

    How namy coals

    That's what I thougt. With my traditional vaping devices you can see how much juice is left. Thanks for the response.
  5. Jerryzman

    How namy coals

    No I have not, but I will check it out, and thank you for the welcome. That article was really good. Another question, how do you know when your session is over. Does the smoke/vapor get weaker, or is there a burn taste?
  6. Jerryzman

    How namy coals

    Hello everyone. I'm coming to you from Central Florida. Got my first Hookah a couple days ago. Got kind of a cheap one until I was sure I liked it. Well I'm sure. I have seen several videos where people put one, two, or three coals on their bowl. I am a vaper after giving up cigars. So I use non-tobacco shisha "Starbuzz" What is a good number for coals?