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    Where are you from

    In Carmel mainly usually spend my time in Indy tho haha
  2. jazzyfresh


    Ok cool so do you guys have a brand of coals which are good??? At the shop I normally go they have an assortment of them just never really wanted to branch out till now really
  3. jazzyfresh


    Ok so ever since I've been smoking I've always used starbuzz tobacco and 3 kings coals I really wanna start to branch out seems how I've smoked probably 90% of the products starbuzz has made do you guys have any suggestions what do u smoke and what not
  4. jazzyfresh

    Fruit bowls???

    Alright so what's everyone's take on fruit bowls?? I personally have only tried pineapple and found it to be kinda pointless and just an added mess any suggestions or input???
  5. jazzyfresh

    Where are you from

    INDIANA 317[emoji100][emoji100][emoji100]
  6. jazzyfresh

    E hookah bowls

    Alright so this is my first post on here and I was at my local shop where I get my supplies coals etc and I was introduced to the volt e hookah bowl and wanted some true insight on this..it seems really awesome and legit no coals or anything but just want some honest advice please is it worth the $100 investment and they look pretty cool to!