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    Ordering shisha to europe, where?

    Tjena, vad har du för märken? Var i sverige?
  2. redgo

    Ordering shisha to europe, where?

    Just looked up their website, I see that they only ship within Switzerland and Liechtenstein :/
  3. redgo

    Ordering shisha to europe, where?

    Thanks for the answer, but molasseroyal is a Swizz company, maybe u mixed up the two countries
  4. Hi guys, new to this forum, but smoking shisha for about 8 years. I live in Sweden where it is hard to find tobacco. I use to buy AL at the local arab store, but the flavours are limited (double apple, orange). I have searched online and found HookahJohn, tried to order from him but the order got cancelled (asked why but didnt get an answer). So I am looking for a online store that ships to europe, and if its possible with the lowest shipping cost. With HJ it would cost 65$. I found shishatobacco.eu, but I am not able to find how to put the items in the cart :/ Kindly regards, redgo