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  1. Naomi

    Tattoo's and piercings?

    I have three tattoos The first one i got the week i turned 18 on my ribs. It is the last thing my mom said to me before she passed, from cancer. It is in her handwriting that I pulled from letters and notes of hers. "And everything will be okay". Then music notes on my shoulder and a lotus flower on my upper thigh. I have three piercings in each ear, and my belly button and i pierced my nose two different times, but it isnt anymore. Congrats on your baby
  2. Naomi

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    Does anyone else know anything about seasoning pipes? Cuz I got called crazy when I talked about it last. I have the best seasoned af mint pipe though. 😄
  3. Naomi

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    Thanks! I am using the app, I'll have to start using the website.
  4. Naomi

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    Got my Hulu and hookah! Smoking a blend of nakala lemon and AF mint. So relaxing. Loving the way the sunlight hits the smoke as well. Wish it wasn't -20 outside though. By the way, why am I having trouble attaching images? Before I post it tells me I have a photo as an attachment, but after I post it doesn't show...
  5. Naomi

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    Checking out Cloud Nine Tangier's lounge in Bowling Green, KY. It has a great atmosphere.
  6. Naomi

    New to Hookah Forum

    Thanks for the welcome! Orange soda is great, can be hard to tend, because the flavor goes bad if you overheat the bowl, even just a little.
  7. Naomi

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    Netflix and hookah
  8. Naomi


    No starbuzz hate here, and I really like coco jumbo.
  9. Naomi

    New to Hookah Forum

    Thats awesome! :)I need someone to make a table for me. We had some homemade ones for parties at the lounge I worked at. They work so well I really want a shika, I almost bought one while at a lounge in Omaha. I love how they look. So regal. a lot of people love the ice apple. I had a 250 of it almost a year ago and my friends ended up smoking it haha. Idk why I couldn't get into it. Thanks for the welcome Thank you! Fumo hookahs are beautiful, I am jealous.
  10. Naomi

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    Nice MZ and hose, never tried the mistique ice tip. Must be nice having that new hookah room too lol Mystique beats the shit out of the mya freeze. I wouldn't even call that a hose. I usually order the ice tip at lounges and it always makes the session more fun I've always wanted to get one myself but just never had the heart to go through with it lmao, I'm sure it works well though It's not a necessary accessory without a doubt but it is something nice to use. It's in that diffuser category in my book I dont like diffusers. I really enjoy the sound if the bubbling when you pull. Just my preference though. Ice tips are great, but some lounges over charge for the use of them, and I have seen lazy cleaning of them compared to lounge hoses. Obviously, not every lounge but you never know. Nothing like mint and the ice tip or hose though! I really should buy one. You are lucky with your weather. Its bound to be in the negatives over our Christmas.
  11. Naomi

    Tangiers international delivery

    Can't help, but good luck ☺
  12. Naomi

    New to Hookah Forum

    Yeah its a pretty looking pipe. I wraped a black and gold fuzzy hose for it, so it looks kinda, I guess you could say, expensive. I will have to try that lemon mint. Usually use AF mint and nakala mizo lemon, but I can't find mizo lemon any where. Haven't searched too hard, but h-s and hookah John both out. I found the forums when I searched for electronic hookah bowls; a thread on the forums came up.
  13. Naomi

    New to Hookah Forum

    8 years, midway to 9. I own a km kamanja, dschinni mini, round glass torch, soon to be km ceramica, and a marajah nargile. Flavors: Alchemist stout stone mint Pure lemon mint Tangiers foreplay on the peach Social smoke blue raspberry Haze carnival nights But I have very many favorites! Well the thing about setups is that it's all personal opinion, there is no absolute definition of the perfect hookah. Just the perfect pack! [emoji6] Welcome to the forums! Great to have someone new here Smoked for the first time about 5 years ago, but religiously for 2. Haven't had much haze besides at a lounge in Denver, will have to check out that flavor. 😀 lemon mint is my all time favorite flavor. I tried to attach photo with original post, would have made more sense with my "set up" remark. Haha it was of like ten hookahs at one table rolling at once. Wasn't trying to brag about any of my particular hookahs Thanks for the welcome. Oh and I have a KM blue ceramica, starbuzz challenger, and another KM that I honestly can't remember the name of. My first pipe was a mya mini, forever ago 😂 got stolen though.
  14. Naomi


    I highly disagree! Haha You most likely had some acclimation or packing issues to make it bland Idk. Don't think so. really not my taste. I think I was forced to smoke it out as well. It was new to the lounge I worked at and was the only thing anyone would order because of that..
  15. Naomi

    New to Hookah Forum

    Hey guys, so excited to talk to fellow hookah fanatics. We are so rare 😀 How long have you been smoking, what are your favorite flavors, and what kinda pipes do you own? Not sure you will beat my set up, however.