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  1. Hey guys, First, I wanted to say that I absolutely LOVE the homemade shisha guide put together by Paul from Hookah.org! One of the best How-to videos in this arena that I've ever seen. The one thing that I noticed Paul DIDN'T really get into was where to find raw tobacco leaves for making shisha. So, after first speaking with Nima, I wanted to take the opportunity to present you with a great source for a variety of whole tobacco leaves. Many of which are great for making homemade shisha! Company: Leaf Only Location: Middletown, Connecticut, USA Website: https://www.leafonly.com Shisha leaves section of website: https://www.leafonly.com/hookah-shisha-tobacco-leaves In my opinion, the best choices to get started with would be Canadian virginia flue cured and the brightleaf flue cureds. From there, it's all about experimentation! I apologize in advance if this is not the appropriate section to make such a post, but I figured it was the only section that really got into products, and perhaps if someone from this forum has already tried our leaves for shisha, they can post a review! Feel free to move this post if it is incorrect. Also feel free to ask me any / all questions you may have! Although I am not a "shisha" expert, I am a "tobacco leaf" expert and have quite a few wholesale shisha clients that I can draw some knowledge from speaking with. - John @LeafOnly