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    Gaming, PC diagnostics/repair/building, chillin' with friend, and of course....hookah.

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  1. Havo

    Latest Shisha Order Thread

    Just got my new shipment of 250g SS: Voltage, 50g SS: Mobster, Baja Blue, and Potion 9, and 50g Starbuzz: Geisha, Pirate's Cave, and Green Savior. I decided to get a bunch of Voltage because its my favorite, then just get a bunch of 50g packs of random, off the wall flavors that sounded interesting. XD
  2. Havo

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    I actually decided to try SS: Mobster. It smells like I opened up a can of Monster, and tastes like it a bit. Theres something else there, too....I just cant figure out what. All in all, I like!
  3. Havo

    Flavored Bases?

    I've seen some remarkable hookah cocktails online, especially in glass hookahs. Im tempted to try my own at some point, when I have the ingredients/I'm not lazy.
  4. I also despise quick-lights....they leave the smoke tasting like shit sometimes. I can see the convenience of them if you go somewhere remote, but other than that, I think id rather light cocos on a fire or something. haha
  5. I decided to break my rule and have some Long Islands with my hookah tonight.
  6. Havo

    Latest Shisha Order Thread

    I couldnt even find Coco Nara cubes anymore. My replacements have been Titanium Cubes, not flats. They seem to last the longest out of any coals Ive used so far. Although, I do have a kilo of regular Titaniums atm, and I have a feeling they would be better for using in the Lotus, or at least easier to manage and move around. I got the shipment! FML is amazing, and so far the Lotus is working flawlessly. I'm very impressed, and this alien mini is awesome!
  7. Havo

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    Shipment came in today, and I'm also doing my first bowl with my new Lotus. So far,....I'm actually impressed. Smoking some FML....I dont taste medicine, but damn is it strong. Feels like I have the throat and lungs of Mr. Freeze. XD Still smoking beautifully, but theres a strange smell I get sometimes. Its either the FML I'm not used to smelling since theres no foil, or its because its the first time I'm using the Lotus......or both lol.
  8. Had some earl grey with the Nakhla earl grey the other day, it was very interesting. Other than that, Ive been mainly drinking yerba mate with my sessions lately.
  9. Havo

    Latest Shisha Order Thread

    I used to use Coco Naras then tried Titaniums. Im not a fan of the original flat pieces because they dont seem to last that long, but the Titanium cubes are amazing. They are very dense, and last quite awhile. Tomorrow I should be getting my shipment in. Im very curious to see how the Kaloud Lotus works. It seems to receive a lot of praise.
  10. Havo

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    SS: Absolute Zero is pretty tasty!
  11. Havo

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    Decided to start my day with some more Tangiers Peach Iced Tea, followed by some CS:GO. I dont think I allowed it to acclimate properly because it tastes a bit....off. Can't wait until I get my order in....I'm a HUGE fan of mint/menthol flavors, and I hear FML is the strongest. We shall see
  12. Havo

    Latest Shisha Order Thread

    That green one.....ermahgerd. Does the glass require more or less heat? That all sounds good! Im a huge fan of Voltage. Grats!
  13. Havo

    Latest Shisha Order Thread

    Hookah-Shisha was having a special where if you spend over $100 you can get either a 200g Starbuzz Vintage flavor, or 250g of Tangiers Cane Mint Xtreme. Commission checks came in, and a friend and I decided to snag a few things. He wanted to get a new bowl, so he got an Alien Mini phunnel, and a coil burner. I decided to stock up for awhile: 250g Tangiers Burley Prince of Grey, 250g Pure Tobacco FML, Alien Mini phunnel, and also decided to give the Kaloud Lotus a shot. As for the freebie, we chose the Tangiers Cane Mint Xtreme
  14. Havo

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    I usually go with 4 to get it going well, then drop it to 3 if it gets too harsh. This is just a random phunnel I picked up on hookah-shisha.com
  15. Havo

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    I'm on a peach iced tea kick lately.....Ive finally acclimated myself to the insane punch it packs. However, I'm sure Burley Prince of Grey will probably be intense, but well worth it! Cant wait!