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  1. 1 hour ago, dd0723 said:

    also I meant to ask you, did you get the extra large bowl for your fumo tank or is that the standard that came with it? I have the Fumo Jar and the bowl is tiny, so I use it when I don't want to have a very long session. I want to get the adapter for it so I can use any bowl I want, but I fear it will take away from the beauty of all glass.

    thats a great question when i first bought my fumo hookah tank i think its was 4 maybe 5 years ago they didn't even have the larger bowl yet so my hookah came with the small one but my third year my bowl piece broke when i dropped it on the concrete in my garage and i saw they just realized the bigger bowl so i bought the combo so it came with a new screen which is needed for the larger bowl piece the wind guard fits both sizes you can order the adapter and or the larger bowl piece on there website its defiantly worth it in my opinion you can even by a spacer from them to make the bowl smaller i also have the adapter but i have to say i only use it once in awhile mainly for fruit bowls which this is great for!

    i attached a few pictures of the adapter for you and my smaller bowl piece which broke.






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  2. My latest order was from hookah-shisha which was a while back i had a problem presenting my id and they helped me through everything great customer service they helped me out a lot only reason i hadn't ordered recently was because i was at the TPE (Tobacco Plus Expo In Las Vegas 2016) very recently and picked up over 3 kilos of shish in samples i can't wait to review all the new company on this site! and thanks for the information on the different site i will be sure to pick my next site wisely!

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  3. Im smoking my Fumo Tank using Cocourth coconut coals the tobacco I'm using is Head Quarter Hookahs Pomegranate Flavor i will be posting a review on this flavor sometime this week on this site as well as I'm instagram be sure to check it out guys! I'm glad to be apart of this community!

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