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  1. Kloud Nein

    Mya Gelato plus sun

    Trying out my new Mya Gelato Hookah with my freeze hose and Fumari Lemon Mint, life is pretty sweet.
  2. Kloud Nein

    Favorite bowls

    Got a proper grommet finally that fits my newly purchased Vortex bowl and wow it's amazing! Thinking of a mini Alien/UFO bowel next, they any good?
  3. Kloud Nein

    What are you playing!

    It is unbelievable how much it's killing in China, they love them some Warcraft.
  4. Kloud Nein

    What are you playing!

    My main is Rainbow Six Siege, bought UFC 2 to get my fighting fix and recently downloaded The Crew for free on Xbox live. It's OK, big environment but holy shit enough cut scenes already lol
  5. Kloud Nein

    Al Fakher heat management

    Awesome, will give it a go. Thanks!
  6. Kloud Nein

    Al Fakher heat management

    How many Coconara coals does it take to get decent clouds out of Al Fakher (grape mint)?. I had two on with a windercover but wasn't getting a ton, tho it was pretty windy outside as well. I'd certainly experiment but Shiesha in general here in Canada is really expensive so I figure I'll research first lol.
  7. Kloud Nein

    Hookah Inside

    Wanting to hookah in my spare room but have people living above me in the house. What can I do to make sure they don't get bothered? I can grab a fan and have coco naras....or am I kinda screwed for indoor sessions?
  8. Kloud Nein

    Favorite bowls

    Thanks haha glad I'm not that only one with issues, just wanna blow clouds!
  9. Kloud Nein

    Favorite bowls

    Bought a Vortex bowl and feels like it's just not tight enough with the grommet that came with my hookah, any way of adding something to the grommet that to make a tighter seal? Wet paper towel...?