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  1. porisdeniro

    New hookah not smoking/working well

    this is what I meant I didnt really try other ways to pack a bowl except sprinkling tobacco trying to make better airflow cuz I only worked with Al Fakher and I dont have any experience with Fumari and Haze(that I bought recently to try,cuz I havent had chance to try it in Europe until now) .. so maybe my packing is not that good cuz I never put tobacco really full all the way up to the rim.I saw lots of people overpacking and It probably worked (with a phunnel bowl) but every time I packed a bit over tobacco would start burning no matter where I move my coals .. Sent from my iPhone using Hookah.org
  2. porisdeniro

    New hookah not smoking/working well

    When I blew through a stem I saw small bubbles wheres that gromet part screwed over tray...and then I moved smaller gromet that was under tray and I put it after I put tray and now when I suck in (after I put only water in the vase) theres no any kind of leak. So what about getting a new bowl something like alien phunnel or something similar?? It should work now if I try with 4 flat coals on metal screen or 3 coals and foil( + overpacked bowl) ?? I still can hear BB kinda moving when I suck in but suction is really good when I put my hand wt the top of a stem where bowl goes.. So no leaks,suction is really good so the only thing It could be is not enough coals or not fully packed bowl ? Sent from my iPhone using Hookah.org
  3. porisdeniro

    New hookah not smoking/working well

    I took that one ball from the hose port cuz if I blow in nothing would work and smoke would not get outside.Even tho when I blew in the vase first time I felt air going out so I sealed it around with silicone so now air is not going out.But when I blew in a stem I felt a liiiiil bit air coming out where I screwed it(but Its screwed tight,cant do more and I dont get it how air can come out when its screwed tightly). ...still dont know why a ball is moving when I take a puff cuz then air will come in and out when ball moves? Back home when I worked with cube coals they would get that metal screen really hot and bowl would be heated really good,but these coals and getting really small after 5 mins and bowl and metal are not even close to hot. Everyone likes fumaris white gummy bear ,haze subzero...but after I smoked them on this hookah I would feel not a burned flavour but reaaaaally kinda dry,instead of juicey flavour so I felt so bad and I felt that taste like whole day and I was about to throw up haha I see a lots of people packing bowl with a fork and packing it really full,which I dont .I do sprinkle tobacco and never pack it up to the top . One more time I dont know what to do anymore cuz when I blow in not all of the smoke is coming out and im getting more pissed. Im just sureeeee that even tho this hookah is small I should get more smoke and really thicker cuz this what I see now is POOR and im about to CRY hahahaha help maaaaaaan u r my last hope before getting more pissed and throwing that garbage outside(SPENT ALMOST $200 CAD on it) Sent from my iPhone using Hookah.org
  4. porisdeniro

    New hookah not smoking/working well

    this is the hookah and if u need more pictures let me know please .I really need help cuz this is first time happening to me.Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Hookah.org
  5. porisdeniro

    New hookah not smoking/working well

    Hi guys! This is my new hookah I bought few days ago.Smoked it,tried it and SHIT! Im not beginner cuz I worked in hookah bar in Europe for a whole year and then came in Canada blahblah..Worked with Amy Deluxe hookahs,but this one is smaller,and they were amazing.I used that amy deluxe bowl,3 coco nara flat coals,hot screen/foil and some new flavours (subzero,white gummy bear,safari melon,guminati).Well,theres not enough smoke ,not even close as I would usually get smoking some km's and other egyption hookahs back home.(first I thought cuz this one is small,but then I remembered that I had one small beast in hookah bar and it smoked WOW).Then I thought okay maybe theres not enough smoke cuz these coals are flat,cuz I always smoked with cube ones.Then I though maybe its up to amy bowl.Water level is as usually 1-1.5 inches .. When I take a puff I can hear ball moving and making sounds which i never heared before.And when I blow in to get rid of bad smoke inside the vase its not getting out everything.My bowls are packed a lil bit over half good enough not to burn quickly.3 coals on the edge so it doesn't burn and other stuff but still not getting more thick smoke.GUYS THIS IS DRIVING ME CRAZY PLEASE HELP ME SOMEHOW ??????? Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Hookah.org