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  1. They're resealable so they stay fresh and moist for a while. I have had a better experience with the kilo than 250g to be honest. If you can get them at a reasonable price they are worth it. You can end up saving a few bucks over 4 250g packs

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    I can get kilos of AF for $35 from an Egyptian deli but too bad I don't smoke much AF lol.

    Currently smoking some Black Lava Black peach. The brand's new batches are a big improvement. FX apple has ironically become my favorite double apple (I wasn't too impressed with the first batch I tried). Lemon mint is a real winner in my book. I wish black lava sold kilos.
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  2. Finally trying out the Alchemist Russian Mule I got a few weeks ago... I'm really digging it.  It isn't soupy like the last flavor I got from them, and the flavor is wonderful.

    Watch out! DudeWhere'sMyHookah might rip you a new one for saying something even slightly positive about alchemist! Lol.

    On a more serious note, I think I'll be smoking some sinful mint + pearfect tonight. Stuck at work for one more hour...freedom so close I can taste it.
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  3. We shouldn't even discuss quicklights lol. They're bad period. As far as natural coals go...one month the worst brand becomes the best brand and the best brand becomes the worst. I.e: titanium's and Cocourth were fantastic. Currently titanium is experiencing some blacking out issues and Cocourth just relaunched it's product after a massive fail a while back. I just switch brands every few months because there will never be a coal that is consistent 100% of the time unless someone discovers a way to manipulate rainfall and crop yields lol.

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  4. So here's the new hookah I forgot to show, 5star sent me the hose after I let them know I didn't get it but it was a bit of a let down, its unwashable but idk something was wrong with it, my only guess is that it had been sitting a long time and accumulated dust inside because the flavor is just so muted in it and I'd get specks in my mouth of like grime. So I'm just using my nuhose, I've cheated as well and been smoking cane mint from it even though its supposed to be for nakhla double apple only but screw it lol
    1494005908510.thumb.jpg.f9ca8cb3faa64bc27e0c28b1c4384c94.jpgAlso on the note of pipe tobacco, I hear captain black was no bueno. There's a lot I wanna try and that stuff isn't on my list xD

    Captain black wasn't good indeed lol. Hence why I'm using it to compare it to black lava's tobacco notes. Dunhill should be in your top 5 though. Tasty stuff.
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  5. Good to see you around again. I've been smoking a lot of it lately. Are you going with the lavoo pack (sprinkle slight push down)? That's how I feel it performs best. The tobacco tones are minimal that way and flavors become sweeter. I've really enjoyed fx apple I still like others more but it's solid to me

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    I've been doing a slightly less then semi dense pack. How far above the rim do you sprinkle it in before slightly pushing down on it? I actually really like this da's flavor profile but the tobacco undertones take away from it for me. Tangiers noir can be heavy on the tobacco undertones depending on the flavor but those are pleasant tasting lol. I've dabbled in smoking pipe tobacco years ago and black lava's undertones are reminiscent of Captain black pipe tobacco lol.
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  6. I haven't posted here in forever. Trying out this black lava fx apple to see what the hype is about. It's definitely a buzzy smoke. The flavor is more akin to nakhla da than AF Da which is a positive in my book but the tobacco undertones are quite unpleasant. Even the smell is off putting. It's almost as if the tobacco used was that American Spirit brand or actual low grade pipe tobacco and just covered it in flavorings and honey/molasses (forget which base they use). Needs more testing before I finalize how I feel about this brand.

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  7. So I wanted to smoke a bowl before going out to see an old friend and I ended up with an interesting mix to the say the least. I didn't have enough kashmir peach to pack it in my mini symphony bowl so I mixed with trifecta vanilla 40 k peach, 60 vanilla in a harmony bowl. I figured peaches n cream with a dash of kashmir wouldn't be too bad....it turned out not to be too bad after all. Not the best mix but not bad either. The shit I do not to waste tobacco lol

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  8. Yo people.. can anyone tell me some new All Fakir Flavours combo (Specially fruit Flavour), tried so maybe want some new if anyone can tell me..
    Only fakir coz here I can't get any other good company Flavours.

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    Ok so this mix popped into my head yesterday but I haven't tried it yet since I don't have the flavors: AF grapefruit & AF guava. I feel like the tartness and sweetness of both flavors could compliment each other. You could give it a shot and let me know how it is :D
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  9. I haven't posted much lately, had a week vacation and enjoyed the heck out of it. I haven't posted a status on the unglazed bowl with all the runs on da so here it is. The evolution is noticeable, it's a really solid bowl if a bit tricky for me to handle compared to a normal Egyptian. Its a really slow process but that bowl is starting to soak in some solid undertones, I'm smoking AF DA out of a normal Egyptian that is running stronger than my run out of the unglazed earlier, and the unglazed though packed weak, had more of a solid flavor. Its hard to describe. Also is it just me or did AF revamp their standard DA? This stuff seems a lot more mellow in the black licorice flavor and much sweeter. Its not a super mighty black licourice overdose like I remember. But still good, I kinda recently got sucked into game of thrones so I've been binging that lately. Hope everyone is doing good though, I lurk around the forums here and there even if I don't always post lol

    I've been on a DA kick myself. Last night I loaded up a bowl of lavoo deux apple with Nak DA and AF Da - needless to say it was an anise bomb of a smoke. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Currently smoking a 50/50 mix of Nak and AF Da. I'd say AF has become more mellow if you use foil. I prefer smoking DA with an hmd in general because I find the anise/licorice flavor to be more prominent that way.
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  10. It's a snowy day in nyc, so I'm starting my 1st hookah of this lazy day with 60/40 alchemist polar bear and lavoo dark mint. On that note, I did pull the trigger and buy 2 100g of alchemist. I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and they definitely fixed the juice issue. Flavor strength could be stronger but I always thought the flavors needed to be stronger even when it first came out. Overall, I feel like it wasn't money wasted but I wouldn't make alchemist a regular in my stash. I am intrigued by their upcoming KFC line though

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  11. Well I can't say there is a huge difference factually besides mason holding heat in longer and less coal required to do so, but in my opinion I like this more. It doesn't need much tobacco at all so that's a win I actually overpacked it thinking you'd need to do so but it's much better not to. With the dividers being the way they are it's practically impossible not to get a full cook either.
    Possibly the coolest part is the port, the way it grips a grommet keeps the glycerin from seeping down into the base water. I didn't know that last night and took off the grommet while walking to the kitchen to clean it and honey/glycerin drained out all over me and some on the carpet lol

    The inside is hard to describe though it almost has an unglazed texture yet won't retain flavor it kind of feels like a less coarse version of sandpaper. It's proved to be quite tiresome to clean so far based on this. I don't want to scratch it up but I can't stand seeing any black or char lines from previous sessions. I'll figure it out though.

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    That's awesome dude. I'm glad to hear that there isn't too much of a difference between the mason bowl and stone bowl because at the price these stone bowls go for....lol they better not be that far behind in performance. I only got them because I was celebrating a special occasion and I had a chance to snag two of them. No luck so far with the mason bowl but one day I'll get the notification in time to order one before they sell out in 30 seconds lol. For 40 dollars I don't think you can beat that value for a high end bowl.
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  12. That's one of the last ones I need to try along with deux apple. That stone bowl is too sexy! I recently got to try one and they're amazing especially for dark blends

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    Thanks! And I saw the pic of that stone bowl you posted, I have one just like it except it's shallow. Deux apple is misleading, it should be labeled as deux apple avec mint because there was a very prominent cooling undertone which I personally didn't like. Ik DA w/ mint is popular but I don't like anything getting in the way of an anise bomb exploding all over my taste buds. But overall, it was a solid flavor. I just had to get used to it. How was mean java? Hookah chef wasn't a fan but orange + chocolate + coffee sounds like right up my alley.
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  13. 4cbacac4a508db2335206af4bd0d17e0.jpg

    Smoking some lavoo mint Citron in my stone bowl with 3 Cocourth coals. This is smoking beautifully. I think Cocourth coals will be my coal of choice right after the titanium cubettes and lavoo has quickly become my second favorite dark leaf brand. Tangiers is still #1 in my book but lavoo nailed the tobacco undertones. Mint Citron is pretty good. Lavoo definitely know their mint but I wish the citrus part tasted less like limeade and more sour. It would be the perfect contrast to the super sweet and cold mint part.

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  14. And if we want to be technical, the Turkish perfected the original Indian version by making the pipes out of brass. And we can thanks egyptians of course for giving us the heavenly double apple.
    The point is, I'm not actually arguing with you, more like friendly banter because I get the urge to play devils advocate from time to time. Lol.

    We shall from here on out call it a Hubbly Bubbly

    #2brospizza #dollaslices #foldit

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    ...dude ya read my mind lol. I was gonna call it hubbly bubbly but I felt like it was too cheesy because I grew up hearing my dad call it that (in a very heavy accent of course).
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  15. But the Chinese made pizza, Italians perfected it and they got to keep the name. I'm mad about the term any way you slice it lol.

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    See what I did there?

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    Lol and Americans made hookah even better. Should we give it an americanized name and say that is the only correct word for the pipe? Also the Italians did not perfect pizza, New Yorkers did # shots fired
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  16. But my point is who was like "yeah let's all take the name for the pipe and call the tobacco that instead and bring in a new word for the pipe"?

    Either way I'm smoking nakhla blueberry at work e97f461b53a37e9cf3f84b5192f13e28.jpgc73fd38d66fed381ec5719903e462966.jpg

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    To be fair, hookah is not an Arab invention. A Persian physician came up with it in india. After doing some research, I found out my earlier assertion that the term hookah is of Indian origin. And since India was part of the British Empire the term hookah caught on amongst the British. So the word "shisha" isn't the only correct term. Egyptians refer to the tobacco as shisha as well. And most hookah cafes/lounges in the US (at least in ny) are owned by egyptians so that's also probably why Americans call the tobacco "shisha".
    That sucks!  When I got mine pulled, it took a couple weeks for the bruising to go away and the stitches to stop being painful, and over a month for everything to feel somewhat normal.  How is it feeling now?

    I'm feeling a lot better - thanks for asking! Yeah it still feels weird and I still have to watch what I eat but the wound has closed up enough that it doesn't bother me when I smoke.
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  17. f270180faef2b721ca2b1cd471a1c328.jpg

    Smoking Al-Fakher cappuccino with two of my Al-Fakher shishas. Also, is why is it called a "hookah" in America when all Arab speaking countries and most of the world call it a shisha?

    Giant pet peeve of mine, I'll call it a shisha and some know it all American will laugh at me like I don't know what I'm talking about and try to "correct" me

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    In lebanon we call it an argileh. Shisha is probably more of a gulf thing. Hookah, if I remember correctly, is originally an Indian term for it and since it's just easier to call the pipe a hookah it has stuck in the western world.
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