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  1. lexshadow

    Asked a ton im sure

    So I used the fat al fakher bowl method with 2 coconut coals and a double foil with grape mint last night BEST HOOKAH EVER this is why i started smoking hookah it was literally cold flavourful air. No burn AT ALL. And it burned forever. Ty all for all the help that votex bowl works wonders. Hoping to set up and replicate it tonight or tomorrow night. I wil report back Sent from my SM-N910W8 using Hookah.org mobile app
  2. lexshadow

    Asked a ton im sure

    I ended up buying a new vortex bowl as thats the best thing they had other than a ton of the same thing i had. So have to look up how to pack it properly. Sent from my SM-N910W8 using Hookah.org mobile app
  3. lexshadow

    Asked a ton im sure

    Ok i just went to the store here and all the bowls there look identical to mine. Mine is the one that came with the hookah. Im gonna pick up some coco naya coals and look for a bowl that looks like mine but is deeper but not as wide maybe thats what you guys mean by proper Egyptian bowl. I may go check another store. Can someone post like a pic or 2 of suggestions on bowls or maybe like a proper packing height in one or something. I know there is stuff on YouTube but im having trouble finding a common thread between everyone Sent from my SM-N910W8 using Hookah.org mobile app
  4. lexshadow

    Asked a ton im sure

    I thought this was an Egyptian bowl lol. I will look into buying a proper one today hopefully that is my main issue. I will also pick up some coconut coals ( i thought these were when i bought them) thank you and i will return with findings . Sent from my SM-N910W8 using Hookah.org mobile app
  5. lexshadow

    Asked a ton im sure

    Hey So sorry about this but i have to try and find an answer. I have been smoking hookah at home for probably about a year and a half now and sometimes they are amazing and sometimes cant smoke it for more than a few minutes without getting very harsh. I smoke al fakher and i have peach and grape mint. I used to use three king quick light coals but after being suggested i switched to banzai . I have tried a few different packing methods first one used to be just drop some in and it worked great sometimes and really bad others. A guy at a lounge suggested packing it all down and poking holes through the bottom worked more often tha first but after researching people online say to sprinkle it all the way to the top lightly. Have been trying this and the peach ( which is a brand new batch used 3 times and all have turned out bad. My old batch of peach seemed to be much tastier for some reason ). Anyways i cant seem to get things right when i pack it all the way to the top lightly with just a little push down for space it all burns to the top of the foil. I have resorted to using 3 pieces of hookah foil to try and combar that. Still nothing. Can someone please make me some suggestions to try. I mean when it works it works great for like an hour and a half or 2 hours. But 75% of the time smoke gets harsh very fast. This is my one i packed tonight that i literally wasnt able to get more than 10 pulls out of before it was unsmokable. This one didn't even burn much at all and had 1 piece of shisha burned underneath the foil Please help. Thank you Sent from my SM-N910W8 using Hookah.org mobile app