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  1. Hey guys I bought a new hose (the washable type with thick handle) and it gives me no flavor. I only get some sweetness. BTW I smoke Al fakher double apple. Sent from my HUAWEI NMO-L31 using Hookah.org mobile app
  2. Hey guys. I wanna know why is my tobacco becoming liquidy after i add glycerin to it, considering that im not adding too much and my tobacco doesn't contain water. Here is how im making my tobacco: I add molasses to chopped and dried tobacco and cook it for a few minutes in the pan, after it cools down i add the flavouring and let it sit for a day. After that, i add the glycerin and when i check it the next day, it is liquidy rayher than sticky. Sent from my GT-S7262 using Hookah.org mobile app
  3. harout

    Strengthening the flavour

    Im using 6 ml of flavour for every 12 grams of dried tobacco Sent from my GT-S7262 using Hookah.org mobile app
  4. harout

    Strengthening the flavour

    So i have been tryin to make some home made shisha . I started by boiling glycerin and fine sugar to make molasses then i added non-flavoured chopped tobacco,[ which i boiled and dried earlier], and cooked them all together for like three minutes. Then, after the mixture was cooled down i added the flavourings. As a result, the texture of the final product was great, it was sticky and not loose, just like al fakher. It also smokes perfectly but the problem is that the flavour is weak and doesn't last long. So, what can i do? Is yhere some kind of flavour strengthener to be added? PS: i tried to flavour the tobacco first and let it sit for a day before cooking it with the molasses, which completely killed the flavour. Sent from my GT-S7262 using Hookah.org mobile app