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    How to make shisha tobacco at home

    Okay folks, after about 7 fails at this, I finally made great homemade shisha with awesome cloud production and good taste. I built an in home lab. Here are my results. First to the guy who said never use water on tobacco leaves, kudos to you because that is absolutely correct. You should use a flue cured leaf with low nicotine content and a light profile. I'm currently using 2 leafs in my blend, a Virginia lemon, and Canadian bright leaf. If you absolutely have to wash your leaves, let them dry COMPLETELY first. This makes them very fragile. So be very careful. Second I never use processed tobacco products. No pipe tobacco, cigar etc. Organic leaves is your best bet. I would NOT use tombac leaves without a quick wash. This tobacco is extremely strong and has not been cured. Next step is to work on casing. I use equal parts honey, molasses, sugar, veggie glycerin. Usually 10 grams of each. I have a heated mixing bowl which comes in handy in making the casing more liquidy. I mix my casing at about 175 degrees until the sugar dissolves in the mix. Very important, to remove the spine from the leaves. Please use gloves. Do a rough chop on the leaves, because the mixer with make the cut of the tobacco even smaller. Especially if you are using washed / dried leaves. You want this mix to be kind of dry. Casing ingredients absorb moisture from the air and change the look and feel of leaves. So add a little bit of leaves at a time until you mix looks a little pastie. I then take this mix and put it in a zip lock bag. Store in a warm moist environment. After about 4 weeks, your leaves will ferment, and become a dark brown color. The mix will be quite dry, but you will notice that the leaves has infused with the casing. If you look at the pros products and how the leaves look, you will see they are somewhat transparent and gooey. Now you are ready for the next step, flavoring. Be careful with flavors because alcohol based flavors can ruin your mix, and propylene glycol flavors can give your shisha too much throat hit. Weigh your mix. What ever it weighs use about 10 percent of that to make flavor. Let alcohol flavors breath first to get rid of some of alcohol content. Here's a good tip, if you DO NOT want your shisha to taste like soap, flavor the veggie glycerin and let it steep for a few days before adding it your shisha. Add a base flavor to your glycerin. So let's say you like Butter cream rum flavor, the butter cream is your base and the rum is secondary. When flavoring always follow your nose. It usually smokes like what it smells like. Always flavor AFTER your tobacco has fermented, never before. You will loose significant flavor. This extra veggie glycerin based flavor will give you the cloud production you want without the soap taste and harsh throat hit. This flavoring process should give your shisha a wet look. Make sure its not too wet or it will turn into soup in your bowl and will be hell to clean out of the stem. I recommend using pipettes for flavoring. After you mixed a good flavor, at your cased tobacco and zip lock it. To preserve flavor pull out a mason jar and toss your zip lock bag in. Store in a dark dry place for a week or more. Give your shisha a whiff, make sure you smell the flavor. Finally you are ready to smoke. I've done this, 3 times now and each batch keeps getting better. No water no oven necessary. If you guys want pics or vids, i'd be happy to oblige. Happy smoking folks!