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    a large standard single-hosed hookah, a skull-bong hookah and a small hookah
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    Nakhla, Al-Fakher, True Cloudz, Doobacco, Afzal
  1. Shishameister

    Favorite flavors

    I love anything that's peach though i'm open to new flavours especially from brands i never tried before like starbuzz, fumari, tangiers, etc... I love my peach with a hint of mint. Sent from my A1601 using Hookah.org mobile app
  2. Shishameister

    Has anybody ever tried mixing E-Juice with their shisha?

    I've tried this, though the liquid vaporizes quickly and with it, the flavour disappears after some time. I recommend using liquid cooling agents instead to give your shisha a cool throat hit. Anywhere between 3-7 drops should be enough. 3 for a mild cooling effect, 5 for a moderate one and 7 for a really strong effect. I recommend 4 or 5 drops because if its too cold, you won't get much of the flavour. Sent from my A1601 using Hookah.org mobile app