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    I loved the shit out of the game

    Me nowI load NBA 2K occasionally begin mycareer and before it even gets 2K MT into the my career display I change my thoughts and shut NBA 2K off lmao.EA perfected the 50 quid roster update. A mycareeer example. I play LB and made an LB. I read come and run towards the line, a lineman starts blocking me, how can I shed? What move? Doesn't matter, you move it does sod all, what's the purpose and the ideal stick? That is why I want 2K could take a crack at the sim again make EA work for this. If Madden had rivalry they'd need to improve. I know 2K is beginning to feel like the same game each year with new rosters but it feels like Madden cubes out a copy and paste of those years. All of this would not be an issue if they published a brand new game every 2 decades or so and just update it with such and rosters for those 2 decades. But they would never do that cause they know we're gonna annually, purchase it. It was a technology demo. Like don't get my wrong I loved the shit out of the game played dozens and dozens of hours but there was really nothing to this match. Franchise was dumb, tackle alley was just a dumb distraction, playbooks were small, obstructing was very very underdeveloped and not really much of anything. When that game started it was legitimately broken and passing was a disaster. When I found out they had been operating on backbreaker two for a decade I'd pay my whole stimulus check. That is what I believed about madden and I heard 2K was exactly the same but I caved and got 2K20. Best choice in a while. 2K is miles ahead of madden and although it took a few weeks to learn, I have not touched madden since, I dont enjoy saying this cause I know it's a sixty dollar game and there are expectations that lots of you men who played for multiple years consuming, however boy are yall spoiled than the madden. That game is absolute garbage and playing 2K made me realize to Buy NBA 2K20 MT that much more. I wish the stuff for wast ruined by mixing the very same gamers with modes that are online. Online balancing do not care about park such and crimson and screws over. They do balancing to assembles and badges all the time which can mess up the offline playing as well if you've got a certain MyCareer participant you play just solo it can get affected by balancing they do due to stuff that's found to be OP or busted for online players.
  2. I understand the concerns. We've passed along that of the neighborhood in addition to our comments after it fell. I am always that I am not going to assume until I see how it is implemented as which makes all the difference in the 34, everything has gone to hell. Look at the amount Mut 20 coins of articles said promo-specific stamina was about to kill Madden and how much of a cash grab it had been. The first answer was way overblown and most feedback I received is that people enjoyed promo endurance. I did as I managed to maintain grinding and earning TP from Madden Today and UL occasions while not needing to get rid of progress and I did not spend any more cash than I have on promos this past year. As with all applications, the implementation is everything. If we had every group with power, then we have a problem. But, if the number of 105s is restricted due to resource needs, etc., then it should be like any other progression and certainly will be a rather slow growth up until the end of the season. Remember: these are assumed to function as end game players. If it were a cash grab, why would make everybody have all to purchase in the season. Lastly, it is my expectation that 105s will be expensive to build train. Consider the resources needed to go out of a 96 into some 100 with T100 (1-95,1-97, 1-99, 3-85 QBs, 3-87 QBs, 3-89 QBs, and 81 staff silvers). Now we'll go directly to a 105 therefore should be a tremendous load of funds to leap to +5 OVR. Where a 99 OVR participant takes just to train up 30 points, then add in the TP demands. The TP cost per power level has, thus far linearly increased, so it might be nearly TP to train a 105 from 200-300 power if just that scale is preserved. There's a movie about it. It's going to cost a good deal and resources and time to complete. It is going to have a very long time to do it at no cost. I believe you can figure out what which means. I wish that I will quit rather than waiting and it simply drop so we can see exactly what it looks like. Honeslty if it's bad I gonna sell my team off to somebody and quit until next year, or just retire from Madden completely. We do not have a great deal of information yet, but yeah, adding a feature of madden coins for sale at this point in Madden that is going to let a select few to supercharge their teams into unstoppable degree, while the remainder of us, can not really do much about it, just does not seem great. Unexpectedly having a group 10 OVR greater than most of your contest does not seem very challenging, even though I had been among those big spenders or auction home gurus that could get to the peak of this.
  3. Bonesaw Bamf achieved the first firecape at OSRS in 61 by purchasing brews from rank 1 herblore, who is highscores at the time triumphed stated he was 75 herblore, although I dont recall if it was the Mac H man. He had achieved 81 herblore and marketed brews to Bonesaw without logging out OSRS gold so his highscores had not updated yet. Bonesaw attained the initial firecape with 1 prayer stage and no supplies, he had been prayer flicking Jad. The next cape was achieved within the summertime, therefore had Bonesaw died he wouldn't have had place. Bonesaw was the first to 99 farming, he'd his runs lol. People say I'm a wannabe ironman because I process those resources accumulate tools, then sell them. It makes sense to simply exp off everything I farmed for exp initially and accumulated to me, as opposed to always selling everything about the ge just to purchase things I want for instruction. This is opposed to using collection skills to accumulate the source that is rewarding that is absolute, selling it, then buying resources to train the processing abilities with selling the products, which I'm told is the way people perform. (I mostly just train herblore this way, by buying the less expensive tools since collecting them requires an extremely long time).I will have to disagree completely, I was stoked when I noticed the cosmetic rewards are invisibly since I frankly do not care about cosmetics, except the Slayer helm I will use that one, being able to sell them and use this gold to progress my account is wonderful. I am sure as time continues on, and they'll be costly and people trade them less and less they will be more expensive. If all I got was a cosmetic from the league which would not feel rewarding to me personally. Btw endless endurance is stupidly graceful around and op with no staminas, the two perks will essentially not see any usage. Like the accumulator is the OP one I feel. 80 percent of arrows and runes is fucking ridiculous. If you have 99 variety and mage I can not even imagine the amount of countless gp you would save. Run is all and very nice, but I really don't think its nearly as good as the accumulator. And all of the relics' prayer benefits are basically irrelevant if you understand how to one tick movie. And almost all of your time is gonna be invested standing still training combats, thieving, barb fishing, etc. etc.. Maybe I'm overlooking it. Overlooking is your secret for this. I thought that it's a continent to buy RuneScape gold and a great deal of time will be spent standing. I believed about arrows but thinking about saving 80% of the runes. Dark altar is aimed to assist you obtain prayer high and early, abyssal ammo is gonna be powerful for range/mage troughout and endless endurance is going to be good significance overall. I thought about it a bit more, the ones that were endurance good considering the way you can't train agility IIRC and how zeah is? But yeah anything to do with prayer/bones is pretty much worthless so it's gonna be an option between the accumulator and boundless conduct.