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  1. Syrian Hookah Craze

    By the way, my first real, ie not chinese, hookah was a syrian. They deserve way more attention than they have gotten in recent years. They started out as the pipe to get, but faded to egyptian popularity.
  2. Syrian Hookah Craze

    It's hard to say if they are worth the extra money, but I tend to lean toward yes if you can find a quality pipe that you enjoy looking at. There is a lot of quality control issues coming with most hookahs anymore. So if you find a new up and comer, that makes a great pipe, I would say they are worth the price. As for the fickle nature of the hookah community...I don't know that that will change as long as you have a rush of new young smokers each and every year.
  3. can u put whiskey (whisky) in hookah?

    There is a really fun way to ingest alcohol via breathing. Get a styro coffee cup, and pour in about shots worth of your favorite liquor. The, get the lid ready and drop a small peice of dry ice down into the alcohol and slam on the lid. It creates lots of alcohol mist that is ready for breathing consumption. I only did it once. mostly cause it has no point. We went through numerous shots and never got drunk. You do have to pace yourself though. It's lots o' CO2 you are inhaling. People apparently do this all the time, so inhaling alcohol can't be that bad? I smell wives tales.
  4. can u put whiskey (whisky) in hookah?

    If you like black liquorish, you should try some Absinthe. Potent stuff.
  5. can u put whiskey (whisky) in hookah?

    Something spicy. Pumpkin... Christmas blend...Something like that. Or vanilla, that would bring out the flavor in the whiskey I think. Interesting idea...