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    I'm liz! umm. hi :)
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    cars, hookah, hookah, cars..

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    Mini Mya saray, AF trimetal/tripear.
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    al fakher, haze, starbuzz, fumari (in that order.)
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    Grapefruit mint, cuban mojito,

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  1. Liz

    Show your pets!!

    These are my babies. Turbina and weezy. (turbo and eloise.) Sorry for mistakes, using my cellular device.
  2. Liz

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    Smoking my favorite, al fakher grapefruit mint.
  3. Liz

    can u put whiskey (whisky) in hookah?

    You do have to be careful with how much alcohol you put in the base though.. don't forget about that.