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  1. Ive never tried whiskey but we have filled an entire vase with Gin. We smoked SB Blue Mist. It was not a good combo. I felt sick afterward and it was a huge waste of gin. Probably wont do it again. Wine is good to add though.

    yeah I've been really wary about adding alcohol to the vase, diluted or not, mostly due to the fact that inhaling alcohol vapors will mess you up...and not in a good way.

  2. hmm...maybe I'm the kind of person who needs a flavor to be crazy strong and smack me over the head with a sledgehammer, but back when we experimented with putting things like powerade and stuff in the base. I didn't taste any difference at all...

    Once when we were desperate we used seltzer water...that carbonation killed my lungs...so idk how using beer was any good...(Admittedly we didn't dilute it...so that could have been why...)

    IDK, I'm not a HUGE fan of putting anything other than water in the base, but maybe if I have a crappy base or a crappy hookah, I can experiment with it a bit...