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  1. Who smokes tangiers on a regular basis?

    It should work fine. I smoke Tangiers in a lot of different bowls. The most important factor is having a bowl that has a juice reservoir like a funnel ot crown classic. I find a lot of the voodoo magic touted as the one true way to smoke Tangiers to be bupkis. WolfDen is right that it behaves best when packed tightly. Go easy on the heat at first and step your way up. It's a fickle tobacco and it takes a little more heat management than most modern tobaccos.
  2. Any health problems lately w/ hookah?

  3. I so want this...

    Very interesting. I'd love to take a look at this one and see how it's put together.
  4. Who smokes tangiers on a regular basis?

    There are so many flavors that I still want to try... Too many for my funds and my lungs. Haha.
  5. Who smokes tangiers on a regular basis?

    I'll get some articles and reviews up on the subject. It's pretty much the only American craft hookah tobacco even worth talking about. The others have either been terrible or way over priced.
  6. Who smokes tangiers on a regular basis?

    I smoke Tangiers about as much as I smoke Nakhla, so fairly regularly. It's pretty good and has some unique flavors that I love. It's not as amazing as some people seem to believe. It's good and one of the best on the market, but it's not ambrosia from on high.
  7. Syrian Hookah Craze

    Back when I first started smoking, there was a devoted following for Syrian pipes and I feel that is was well earned. They were cheap, beautiful and well made. They never had the mass market popularity of their Egyptian cousins because the Egyptians had the open draw that was touted as the best, but they held their own. It was more of an appreciation for classic designs that drew Syrian hookah fans to their pipes. It was just a matter of taste even though they were cheaper and less sought out than other designs. My major concern with the current trend is that the Syrian pipes are being touted as god sent and artificially inflated to ambrosial status. With this kind of product fanaticism comes a lot of elitism that is really not conducive to the community and camaraderie that we should be trying to foster. I've been seeing a lot of people getting competitive and nasty over their own collections while acting as if the pipes they own translates into some kind of hookah mastery. I am a fan of Syrian pipes and I have been for years. I own pipes that are now considered to be very rare and would sell for a lot of money. Does this make me better than someone else? Not in the slightest. My collection is nothing more than a reflection of my tastes; not my status.
  8. Syrian Hookah Craze

    I have always been a fan of Syrian hookahs over some of the other options, but there has been a massive increase in interest lately now that Syrian pipes are hard to come by. What do you think about the fickle nature of hookah fads? Are Syrians worth the inflated price tags simply because they are rarer today than they once were? Should Syrian hookahs have been getting more attention all along?
  9. Anyone tried Haze tobacco?

    If that's the case, I seriously doubt you've tried all types of hookah tobacco. Even i haven't tried them all, but I can tell you that SB is pretty far from the top of my list.
  10. Anyone tried Haze tobacco?

    I wouldn't call that a stellar review....
  11. Anyone tried Haze tobacco?

    I meant to say "what put you off". As in, what did you not like about it?
  12. Where is everyone from?

    Originally from the Boston area, but I live in the LA area now.
  13. Anyone tried Haze tobacco?

    What put you of about the guava?
  14. Anyone tried Haze tobacco?

    Still haven't tried it. What the hell is quack quack?
  15. How to Super-Clean a Hookah?

    None of my stems are small enough to do this with.... I find that very hot water and a good scrubbing do the trick for me.