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    i am an automotive technician. live in tacoma, play semi pro lacrosse for a team in seattle, loves hockey, brew beer, loves country music
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    cars,hockey, brewing beer, lacrosse, hookah,lifting, country music

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  1. pineappledaddy

    Reviews from HookahHooligan.com

    Oh cool I look forward to reading them Sent from my HTCONE using Hookah.org mobile app
  2. pineappledaddy

    Where is everyone from?

    Ours is just starting to turn to doo doo butter Sent from my HTCONE using Hookah.org mobile app
  3. pineappledaddy

    Where is everyone from?

    From Maui but live in Washington state. Sent from my HTCONE using Hookah.org mobile app
  4. pineappledaddy

    Epic Fail

    They have replacement bases on Saharasmoke.com
  5. pineappledaddy

    Epic Fail

    best of luck
  6. pineappledaddy

    Epic Fail

    well dont tip it use stuff brace it. call on your inner macgyver
  7. pineappledaddy

    Epic Fail

    i used an ocean spray bottle its bigger and its the same size opening
  8. pineappledaddy

    Epic Fail

    try and squeeze it in to a gatorade bottle or something
  9. pineappledaddy

    Epic Fail

    what kinda base was it? because if you are hard up for that bad u could do the same thing i did,[ATTACH=CONFIG]275[/ATTACH]
  10. pineappledaddy

    Epic Fail

    it happens to the best of us i have broken 2 and juandong has broken one.