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  1. Latest Shisha Order Thread

    I just saw this product the other day... the Peach is cubed peaches. It is really crazy looking, but it smelled great! I love that the container says "DO NOT EAT!" though I don't know why you couldn't if you were really hungry.
  2. Latest Shisha Order Thread

    Whaaa? No no no, IMHO Kashmir Guajava is the best out of all of them, and then the Cherry. I'm not a fan of peach flavor though, and Apple would be good if the apple was more prominent but it gets swallowed by the Kashmir.
  3. What's some good starbuzz & tangiers favors?

    I'm not sure how I feel about this statement... lol! It's like saying "I'm going to pick out a Ford and a BMW..." Of course in this scenario the Ford costs a lot more than the BMW. I'm glad you found some 100g... the 250g are by far the most popular size. Here is my top 5 must try Tangiers flavors: Ololiuqui Picnic Punch Cane Mint Orange Soda Foreplay on the Peach
  4. Latest Shisha Order Thread

    Their wholesale site is hookahwholesalers.com but their wholesale prices are more expensive than other distributors. We only order from them if they carry a special product we can't get from our regular distributors. Their prices on Fumari aren't bad so that's where we get that, and we used to get Nammor hoses from them, but there are better hoses to bring into the shop so we haven't placed an order for that in a while.
  5. Trip to San Diego - Medium Phunnels

    So I just returned Monday from a trip to San Diego, where I was able to spend a considerable amount of time with Eric at Tangiers and in his lounge. He has a pretty cool staff out there... they were extremely nice and hospitable. While I was out there, I picked up my first leather hose and a beautiful medium phunnel. I'll post a pic when I can. We use small phunnels in our lounge, but at his lounge its all cereal bowls... whoops, I mean large phunnels. So when I came back to the BGKY, I was shocked at how small the small phunnels felt. And then after I loaded up my medium phunnel for the first time after returning, it blew me away how amazing this bowl is, and I'm suprised more people don't get this size. There is virtually no heat management with 3 cocos on top, and after the first 20-30 minutes I almost couldn't keep enough heat on it because I wasn't used to managing it yet as compared to the small. But overall, very enjoyable smoke.
  6. Who smokes tangiers on a regular basis?

    Haha, nice Nima... about 2 days ago, my friend asked me if I were stranded on a desert island, what would be my top 5 flavors I'd want with me. Aaaaaaand here they are: Ololiuqui Little Purple Candy Cane Mint Absinthe Rangoon Sunrise
  7. Who smokes tangiers on a regular basis?

    I smoke about 2-3 bowls of Tangiers daily and Nakhla as an alternative
  8. Syrian Hookah Craze

    Elitism is rampant in the hookah community, which is what drew me to this forum in particular, because there isn't that sense here (even though I'm not as active as I'd like to be). I don't understand how people can't see that that pretentiousness is obnoxious, both to new and seasoned smokers alike.
  9. Where is everyone from?

    That's awesome! Sorry I'm just now responding to this. I miss Boone a lot so I jealous that you live so close! I wrestled in high school so I remember wrestling against schools in your area. My parents would visit down in that area every once in a while too. Beech is my favorite place to ski. I need to make a trip back there one winter to do so more skiing! Once our company is grounded in a few locations, I would LOVE to open a hookah lounge in boone, but we will have to see!
  10. Where is everyone from?

    Grew up in Boone, NC. Moved to Nashville, went to Arkansas for school, transferred to Bowling Green, KY for school, moved to Williamsburg, VA for work, hated it, came back to the BG... it's where I wanna be. Actually, I wanna be back in Boone. I miss the snow and the cold and the mountains, yay. But I'm happy here!
  11. Any health problems lately w/ hookah?

    I unfortunately cannot smoke fantasia xp the high glycerin content gives me sinus problems for some reason
  12. Any health problems lately w/ hookah?

    Good thought, but no its nothing related to that. For one, we sanitize all mouthpieces with rubbing alcohol constantly. Second, the sores develop in the gums, might be irritated for a day or two, then go away. Also soreness in throat is a problem as well.
  13. Any health problems lately w/ hookah?

    Of course, owning a lounge, I smoke at least 2 sessions every day I work on top of all the hookahs I start. Well, our ShishaVac does most of the work, but there is still quality control for flavor and clouds before taking the hookah out to the guest. Lately, I've been getting mouth sores, and I'm positive its from hookah, especially since I smoke mostly Tangiers. Does anybody else experience this?
  14. Epic Fail

    Dude, it does happen to the best of us. Just the other week, I thought "you know, I'm always super careful, but I'm going to pull my hookah out of the car by the stem and set it on the ground... surely it will make it" Well, you know what happened, and the Regal is out of commission until my syrian bases come in a few days. Lol, interesting enough, when I tried to light up my very first hookah in my new lounge in the middle of construction, I had soooo many technical errors. First, I realized I left my lighter and tongs at home. So I took my coal by a pair of pliers and went around the neighboring shops asking if someone had a lighter. Finally found one, lit the coal through the windy day, and dropped it crossing the street to go back. I salvaged a half, and put it on top of another QL and blew and blew. Nothing. So I was like, fine... I'll just go BUY a lighter. I ran out and came back in 5 min, only to find the coal fully lit. So I was like ok... tried to pick it up with the pliers and it crushed underneath the pressure, and coals flew everywhere. I guess that was the Christening of the lounge, cause I made the first coal burn in the hardwood. Also got some embers on my vinyls :-/ So I put a 3rd QL in the tray and lit that one, then went to pack the bowl. Packed the bowl and put it on top and it broke. So then I was like, alas I have this tiny Egyptian bowl! So I packed the shisha into the Egyptian (held about half the amount) then slapped foil on it, put it on top, and finally started to enjoy it for about 30-45 min before my wife called me home for dinner. Not a good omen.
  15. Tangiers flavor that made you go "wow!"?

    Honestly we carry some lucid products but ive never tried them before. What are the main differences kalutika?