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  1. Yea Im really not sure about it yet, The mint seems fine, its basically just shisha made with mint leaves instead of tobacco, but the raspberry literally is like a clump of jam and its weirding me out right now. I'll probably try it in a few days once I get over how it looks lol I'll be reviewing it for my site/youtube channel but I'll be sure to write one up for here too.


    And thanks! I cant wait to use the base its pretty sick =)


    I just saw this product the other day... the Peach is cubed peaches.  It is really crazy looking, but it smelled great!  I love that the container says "DO NOT EAT!" though I don't know why you couldn't if you were really hungry.

  2. A lot of people like the Kashmir Apple and Kashmir Peach.  The other Kashmir flavors are less loved.  But they're basically Kashmir + that Flavor.


    Kashmir is very... unique on it's own.  Saying curry meets chai really doesn't even do it justice.  It's perfume-y, it smells... it's just unique.  It's not often sold as it's so unique.  But I enjoy it from time to time.  Think of it as the Lebanese Bombshell of Tangiers.


    I'm gonna mix it with Apple, once I get it acclimated, so I'll have my own version that I can add to or subtract to as I please.  Or just smoke either individually.


    Whaaa?  No no no, IMHO Kashmir Guajava is the best out of all of them, and then the Cherry.  I'm not a fan of peach flavor though, and Apple would be good if the apple was more prominent but it gets swallowed by the Kashmir.

  3. If your local shop is good by all means shop local. Hookah-She Shia actually has a wholesale site so you might even really be buying from them anyway. I would have to drive several house to take a chance at finding a good shop. So personally I’d just assume to order stuff online and have it waiting for me at home.


    Their wholesale site is hookahwholesalers.com but their wholesale prices are more expensive than other distributors.  We only order from them if they carry a special product we can't get from our regular distributors.  Their prices on Fumari aren't bad so that's where we get that, and we used to get Nammor hoses from them, but there are better hoses to bring into the shop so we haven't placed an order for that in a while.