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  1. mustangii

    Not new Just checking in.

    Everything is good. been working at Gladstone Dodge since Feb 2016. working strictly on Diesels since then, VM 3.0 liters are a pain, but most of the work deals with Cummins diesels. Work load will probably increase in 2019 since FCA is going to put the VM 3.0 in Wranglers next year. Wife and I celebrated our 41st anniversary in August . Hookahs are clean and shiny. spent last Sat in the ER with a blood pressure of 192/120. quit vaping, cut down on soda, cut down on salt. taking Colestral meds, blood pressure meds, and Thyroid meds, Thyroid shut down completely, Gained 30 lbs. Sucks getting old,
  2. mustangii

    Not new Just checking in.

    Been lurking, Just been busy. I get them out and clean them and put them away, broke a vase on one of my ZM hookahs. see ya around. edm