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  1. mustangii

    Not new Just checking in.

    Everything is good. been working at Gladstone Dodge since Feb 2016. working strictly on Diesels since then, VM 3.0 liters are a pain, but most of the work deals with Cummins diesels. Work load will probably increase in 2019 since FCA is going to put the VM 3.0 in Wranglers next year. Wife and I celebrated our 41st anniversary in August . Hookahs are clean and shiny. spent last Sat in the ER with a blood pressure of 192/120. quit vaping, cut down on soda, cut down on salt. taking Colestral meds, blood pressure meds, and Thyroid meds, Thyroid shut down completely, Gained 30 lbs. Sucks getting old,
  2. mustangii

    Not new Just checking in.

    Been lurking, Just been busy. I get them out and clean them and put them away, broke a vase on one of my ZM hookahs. see ya around. edm
  3. mustangii

    Where is everyone from?

    Born In Lebanon MO, My father was in the Air Force, Before I was 5 years old I lived in Italy and Germany, then we came back Stateside. Dad was stationed in Spokane Washington, Topeka Kansas, Kansas City MO, Tampa Florida. I lived in Linn Creek mo while he was Stationed on John's Island in the South Pacific. He retired in 1971. The we moved to Camdenton MO. Then back to Grandview MO, Then back to Camdenton I graduated High School there and got Married in 1977. Judy and I moved to Grandview MO, Then to Greenwood MO, 5 years in Greenwood MO the moved to Centerview MO, lived there for 12 years. Moved to Warrensburg MO in 2003 and have been there till now. If you have figured it up Judy and I have been married for 35 years. We started dating Feb 21 1977 and got married Aug 21 of the same year. So we have a sort of an anniversary coming up this month. edm
  4. mustangii

    Epic Fail

    Sorry I have AVG Internet protection and I don't get sent to other web sites. try here then look for unity under modern pipes. Buy Shisha Pipes, Hookah Tobacco, Charcoal & Accessories For Sale edm
  5. mustangii

    Epic Fail

    If you don't mind ordering from England they are on sale here..... 99.99 pounds sterling is about $157.93 edm
  6. mustangii

    Epic Fail

    I have seen them for sale on ebay. there are a couple US websites that carry them. edm
  7. mustangii

    Epic Fail

    UNITY - Silver-12411 - shisha-nil.de you have to run the website thru google or bing translator, it's in German. here it is in english.... The UNITY of shisha combines high-quality materials with a timeless and unique design. Puristic and elegant at the same time. The UNITY water pipe is manufactured in Austria and has a height of 50 centimeters. UNITY made in Austria. The metal components are made of aluminium and the sieve, laser lettering with the UNITY, made of stainless steel. The glass of the UNITY has a Fassunsvermögen of 1000ml and is made of transparent heat resistant laboratory glassware. The silicone tube is food, according to Bundesgesundheitsamt and regulatory control of foodstuffs and is 160 cm in length. All seals to meet international standards. In the basic version, the UNITY of shisha with a hose, valve and verschlusskappe will be delivered. It is possible the water pipe on to extend with the UNITY - hose adapter to 3 hoses. The holes in the column of smoke cause by their air circulation, a not so strong heating of the pillar. Other tobacco heads with the UNITY can be used through the normal head adapter. Color: Silver dimensions: tobacco head diameter: 56 mm depth tobacco head: 17 mm diameter stem: 12 mm diameter hose: 8 mm height: 500 mm included: column of 1 glass 1 smoke (base unit, inner tube, outer pipe, head adapter) 1 tobacco head 1 wind protection 1 stainless steel sieve 1 silicone tube 1 mouthpiece 1 sealing Kit That means your can use any head (bowl) with the right grommet. edm
  8. mustangii

    Epic Fail

    Buy the unity hookah same price and you can use regular bowls on them. Made by the same manufacturer, just the newer version edm