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  1. Epic Fail

    The part that pisses me off the most is that if I didn't try to catch it, it probably wouldn't have broken. When I tried catching it, I smashed it into my metal heater. If I had let it fall, it would have fallen about three feet onto carpet. At least it was a cheap hookah, not an expensive one.
  2. Epic Fail

    Thank you. hopefully I can just get a new vase and save myself some trouble
  3. Epic Fail

    I don't have anything bigge I'll figure something out to make it less tipable
  4. Epic Fail

    I don't have anything withabigger opening.If I can't get a new vase, I'l find a way
  5. Epic Fail

    it fits into a Gatorade bottle. Its really easy to tip now. Hopefully I can buy a new vase tomorrow
  6. Epic Fail

    This is basicly what mine looks like, except the flame looked better on mine Hookah Pipe - Mini Flame 1 Hose - Red
  7. Epic Fail

    I don't know what kind of base it is. it was a cheap $20 hookah, but i thought it smoked good
  8. Epic Fail

    The biggest problem is that its my only hookah. I may or may not be able to get a new vase tomorrow. I hope I can get a new vase before I get my hookah freak blend off shisha
  9. Epic Fail

    I haven't smoked my hookah in forever, and its a pretty nice day out, so I decided that I'd break it out. Well when I was taking the vase to the sink to wash it, I dropped it and it broke.