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    I love hookah, i have been smoking for a while, over four years now, i like to use KM's and Smoke AF or Tangiers, i have some starbuzz and others as well, i have a wife and daughter, life is good and the clouds are big.
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  1. hookahmatt

    Favorite bowls

    New bowl or larger groument. I don't mind that bowl I have one. But have not used it in years. Might need to try it for old times sake.
  2. hookahmatt

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    I live in idaho, and would be willing to lend a helping hand. It's been years since I smoked a clove shisha, the last brand was called fusion, not sure if anyone remembers them, but I did not like that one. This one is better but is a spice so it's kind of an odd smoke unless you enjoy the taste of clove for sure. I have only tried one bowl and so far I thought it was good, but needs to be stronger. I'm going to try more heat and see how it goes next time. It's different that's for sure.
  3. hookahmatt

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    Oh now I see, I did not see the period. Lol
  4. hookahmatt

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    Vanilla Dr Pepper? What brand. And how do I get some! Sounds amazing! Or is that what's in the base? I love af guava, so good. Have you tried af berry, that's an all time favorite of me.
  5. hookahmatt

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    This is a mix I really like! Plus just a bit of mint,
  6. hookahmatt

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    They sell this at a local shop. I will have to grab some. Always wondered about this one. Thanks.
  7. hookahmatt

    Vintage StarBuzz Tiramisu

    Hey drew, how are ya doing remember me from back in the hookah giveaway days.
  8. hookahmatt

    Which Video Thumbnail?

    I like the smoke rings
  9. hookahmatt

    Tattoo's and piercings?

  10. hookahmatt

    Latest Shisha Order Thread

    I spent you a message. How is that vanilla sky?
  11. hookahmatt

    Matt Desind Video Reviews

    https://youtu.be/N_EeswYRcwE Okay! I know i have been gone for a bit. But life is going to slow down for a bit. Thanks for watching my videos and not forgetting about me. Here is my newest video and I will be around more now. Let's smoke some hookah.
  12. hookahmatt

    Good Afzal flavors?

    Coffee is suppose to be good. I think. They use to have a mint called mentoes, that was suppose to be really good, but I think its out of production. Not sure
  13. hookahmatt

    DudeWhere'sMyHookah reviews!

    I enjoy editing, but we both know it's the content that matters, your channel is awesome because we the views can tell you love hookah have plenty of confidence about what you are saying. The rest is smoke and mirrors, mine looks maybe a bit prettier, but really we jus offer something kind of different, I'm sure we can come up with a cool idea.
  14. hookahmatt

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    That part of the reason I got them, to live a but of nostalgia, this is what I use to love to smoke af and Coco nara, they ash more them they use to, but still seem to be an okay coal. I just got a small box just to see. Your right they use to be the best at the top for so long.
  15. hookahmatt

    DudeWhere'sMyHookah reviews!

    Green apple candy is awesome! But I never tried white grape. Maybe we could find a way to team up on a review.