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  1. BenzoKenzo

    Latest Shisha Order Thread

    Ohh haha I get it now, like last order delivered! I placed the last Shisha order for the lounge I work at, so that would be a long list!
  2. BenzoKenzo

    Latest Shisha Order Thread

    Lol for me it says "latest Shisha order thread" haha.
  3. BenzoKenzo

    Latest Shisha Order Thread

    I'm smoking AF green apple guava and pomegranate in a 40/20/40% mix with guava nectar in the base!
  4. BenzoKenzo

    Latest Shisha Order Thread

    AF banana + vanilla + café latte + cardamom + cinnamon + small pinch of honey = AF Banana Bread, if you make it right, it will taste exactly like banana bread!