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  1. BenzoKenzo


    Haha I encourage it! It really tastes pretty spot on
  2. BenzoKenzo


    It's 50% banana, and then just a pinch of cinnamon, cardamom, honey, vanilla, and cafe latte. If you have extra space after all those pinches, add cinnamon for a more spicy mix, or more vanilla for a smoother mix. If you add too much cafe latte, you will ruin it!
  3. BenzoKenzo


    I made an af bana bread mix! But no body steal it for a mix competition!
  4. BenzoKenzo

    Ben from MA

    Only on that one post, and when I clicked on the quote it brought me to a screen full of text that said what his comment was, but it was just an all white screen with text! I'm using the iOS app
  5. BenzoKenzo

    Ben from MA

    It's also just showing your quote here, not the text that you sent with it, just so you know! I'm using the app this time!
  6. BenzoKenzo

    Latest Shisha Order Thread

    Ohh haha I get it now, like last order delivered! I placed the last Shisha order for the lounge I work at, so that would be a long list!
  7. BenzoKenzo

    Latest Shisha Order Thread

    Lol for me it says "latest Shisha order thread" haha.
  8. BenzoKenzo

    Latest Shisha Order Thread

    I'm smoking AF green apple guava and pomegranate in a 40/20/40% mix with guava nectar in the base!
  9. That's why we use jumbo coals, their about twice the size of your average coconut coal, if you were to use a wind guard on them the heads would overheat. Furthermore, we serve Apple oranges grapefruits and pineapples to smoke out of, which wouldn't be able to use a wind guard. Alas, I think they would be a good idea if we had a large air current to prevent the coals from burning too quickly, but we don't. I understand that wind guards are essential for regulating heat, but it just doesn't make much sense from the position we are in. Furthermore, from the ice hoses that I've had, the soguk sucks, and the mystique is really the only hose that would make it worth while, but to do that we'd need a freezer that's easily accessible from the Shisha station, and we would need people to smoke for less than 2 hours or else the ice hose would melt, and become useless. On top of that, we would need to switch to hoses that would fit the ice hose, and the only one I'm aware of is the nammor hoses, which aren't made of silicone and conflict with points that other people have made in this post. Lastly, phunnel bowls would work well if we were stocked with tangiers, but for the AF Shisha we use, it's not really much of a problem, personally I get a better smoke and flavor out of standard heads with AF, even though I am educated with phunnel bowls and how to pack them.
  10. Okay, so at the lounge I work at, we carry all km hoses and km single pear hookahs. our shisha is specifically AF and the hookahs that we sell for retail are all at least semi rare km's like the dana, prince and annubis for example. ive been working on a project to expand our retail selection so that we could carry more of a variety for the customers! luckily we do use coco jamra jumbo coals which are all natural. ive been trying to push to carry tangiers, if we open a patio ill tell the boss that we need wind guards, but inside the lounge with three jumbo coals, all a wind guard would do is burn the heads too quickly. my boss thinks that ice hoses and upside down heads are gimmiky, and I agree with him to an extent. but thank you all for the feedback!
  11. BenzoKenzo

    Ben from MA

    My problem with my browser has been fixed when I logged on today, I'm assuming your programmed solved the issue. just thought id give you guys the feedback! Also, @dd0723 If your sister is interested in taking the hour drive to lux hookah lounge, id be more than happy to have her. just advise her that if she plans on coming in on a weekend to call ahead and make sure that shes on the wait list if it gets busy. besides that we have room available on the weekdays! I just don't want her to have to drive an hour to Plymouth and then have to wait another hour just to sit in the lounge..
  12. BenzoKenzo

    Latest Shisha Order Thread

    AF banana + vanilla + café latte + cardamom + cinnamon + small pinch of honey = AF Banana Bread, if you make it right, it will taste exactly like banana bread!
  13. BenzoKenzo

    Ben from MA

    Hookah-shisha.com, I made an account a while back but I haven't showed much activity until today... I think that is going to change though, especially with how easy it is to use the forums, but ive had this problem that Microsoft edge keeps signing my account out, and I'm having trouble clicking on the login button, do you know where I should go to troubleshoot that?
  14. BenzoKenzo

    Ben from MA

    Hello fellow hookah smokers! I'm Ben, and I'm making an effort to be a bigger part of hookah forums! I currently work at Lux Hookah Lounge in Plymouth, MA. I own 5 hookahs, 4 of them are KM's and the other one is a al fakher all glass mini hookah. If any of you are in the area, or just want to say hi, leave a comment below! I'm excited to be a part of the virtual hookah community, and ill be working on some video reviews in the near future. (hopefully!)
  15. BenzoKenzo

    2 Hose or 1 Hose????

    I believe that it all depends on the draw of the hookah that you have. If your hookah has a large downstem that provides more than enough airflow, then you really shouldn't have to worry about problems with suction. Alas, if you don't want to sacrifice your purge valve for an extra hose, I'd recommend looking into a 3 hose hookah with a large downstem, and then taking off one of the 3 hose stems and replacing it with a purge valve. p.s. Make sure that the hose stems are removable and are able to fit a purge valve on them before you throw hundreds of dollars into it.