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  1. Smoking Right Now Thread

    Still no tobacco or coals, hopefully Monday if all goes according to plan. Would have been nice with tonight's late night movie, mad max 2 road warrior
  2. Smoking Right Now Thread

    True, but.I have had to make a choice between vape juice or hookah supplies, im not allowed to purchase both in one week. Swmbo, sets the rules but I earn the money
  3. Smoking Right Now Thread

    No smoke this week, out.of coals...and I think I have one bowl of mazaya left, so its a lean week
  4. Smoking Right Now Thread

    No hookah tonight, having a vape session tonight. Need to empty the tank so I can put in a new flavor
  5. Vapes? Which to get?

    Thank you, thank you, im here all week. Try the veal
  6. Vapes? Which to get?

  7. Vapes? Which to get?

    And jump in I have.... CANNONBALL
  8. Vaping Right Now Thread

    Hookahdrew, theeightyfour, aka doug told me about his ego one, I now use the same vape. It fits the bill if your looking for a good starter package that will produce voluminous clouds, sub ohm, and is reasonable on the purse. He and I use the 2200mah version, its larger capacity is a plus. Joyetech is bringing out an ego one mega, it is huge. The nice thing about the ego one that I find is the fact that I can sub ohm vape, and needn't worry about having to rebuild the coil, when it dies I can just replace it with a new one. I am personally not ready ro go tjw rebuilding way yet
  9. Smoking Right Now Thread

    Enjoying some af gum with mint, making my contribution to the hole in the ozone layer tonight
  10. Smoking Right Now Thread

    Haven't smoked in a few days. Dont have a lot of coals and tobacco right now...money tight, hopefully soon I will be.making my contribution to global warming again
  11. Vaping Right Now Thread

    Having some avail crunch monster, its yummy. Tastes like crunch berry cereal
  12. Smoking Right Now Thread

    Thatll do it
  13. Smoking Right Now Thread

    Smoking like a fiendish felon huh...enjoy a bowl for me while my happy arse is sitting at work
  14. Vaping Right Now Thread

    Cause I really didnt want to put the 1 ohm coil back in
  15. Vaping Right Now Thread

    I used the same vg I would use making shisha tobacco, it worked great. I lost a little flavor but I can still taste it, and the extra vg gives good clouds