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  1. can u put whiskey (whisky) in hookah?

    how it went ?
  2. How to make shisha tobacco at home

    I did a smoke test yesterday. tangiers pico bowl. 3 tom coco coals. Boom! big ass clouds. And almost no flavor of pina colada. Only when you exale you can taste it a little bit. But the smoke is soft, and tasty ) (ii think its the honey).... and a very strong tobbaco flavor. (less than zaghoul but a litl bit like it). After that i crushed the coals for small parts - and it went even better. Will do a video in a couple of days.
  3. Farida Missle

    I don't remember / smth around 30 dollars. But i live in europe .) http://shisha-arabica.de/schlaeuche/ks-glas-collection/ks-glas-mundstueck/-25cm-/2270/ks-glas-mundstueck-tornado-white?c=71
  4. Farida Missle

    For fancy stuff i got this thing attached to the silicone hose-
  5. Hookah boss

    Belive me its quite easy to get Tangiers in russia, and its qute popular.) . and nopw i don't have his contacts.
  6. Hookah boss

    Yo! So i saw a lot of topics with questions. This Man - Kirill - hookh boss. He is your answer - yep the blog in russian - but all the videos are subtitled in english. And he makes VERY GOOD explanations of what and how he do it. Go check him out. https://www.youtube.com/user/HookahBossChannel
  7. How to Super-Clean a Hookah?

    lemon juice. or concentrated lemon acid. just pour it in the stem. seal the stem for couple of minutes. than brush it all the way. after that rinse with tap water for 2-3 minutes. Same with the base.
  8. can u put whiskey (whisky) in hookah?

    if you want to add alcohol to your hookah. take about 4cl (a shot glass) and pour it down the stem, so it will cover the stem inside. It will give you the taste and not will get you sick.
  9. Milk in the base and general hookah set up

    Recipe is easy 1 part milk 2 parts water. And a half teaspoon of salt. Salt will prevent it from bubbling as hell
  10. DIY Diffuser

    i would just drill some 2mm holes in the stem itself .... Or get this thing
  11. At what age did you start smoking?

    Hmm... lemme recall ... i got my first hookah expirience .... smth about 10 years ago (i was 16 or 17). I dont smoke cigarettes, maybe 1 pack in my whole life even considering drunk punk rock parties. Smoked pipe for a couple of years and sigars. But switched to hookah. And lol i did start from small no-name crappy hookah. (but hell not a pumkin) (smth like a KM beast - but more shitty ) ) ..... since then i tried different stuff including some heavy iraninan tombac - lol i thought I'll die ) . And smoking tombac classical style (no foil). About the buzz ... rarely i get it. Nirvana (the old one - delivered it). Tangiers - a little bit - doesnt matter noir/burley. I usually smoke every evening while reading or doing some stuff on pc.
  12. How to make shisha tobacco at home

    Well i made SOMETHING. It looks and smells good. Anyway - (50gr of tobacco) washed/rinsed/ diried on sun for a while / added honey / mixed/ squeezed / wraped in foil and baked at ~140celsium for 1h. / took out/ burned fingers/ cooled down / added 2 tea spoons of glycerin and 2ml of lorain oil/ put it in a jar. So anyway its not as molases sticky... it kinda feel loose. even when you shake the jar its shaking there also. I think i did smth wrong. Nope - didnt tried to smoke it yet.
  13. Farida Missle

    its the cheapest plastic single hose tip that im using over a year now .) and a standart silicone hose. probably the cheapest set-up you can get that is easy to clean and dont need any maintanence like other hoses.
  14. How to make shisha tobacco at home

    Damn its hard to find tobacco.... anyway one thing left to get its honey. Molases i still didnt found in any shops .) Yeah a i got a market near when i can get some fresh honey.
  15. Farida Missle

    As prommised more pics.