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  1. I did a smoke test yesterday.  tangiers pico bowl. 3 tom coco coals. Boom! big ass clouds. And almost no flavor of pina colada. Only when you exale you can taste it a little bit. But the smoke is soft, and tasty :)) (ii think its the honey).... and a very strong tobbaco flavor. (less than zaghoul but a litl bit like it). After that i crushed the coals for small parts - and it went even better. Will do a video in a couple of days.

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  2. Well i made SOMETHING. It looks and smells good. Anyway - (50gr of tobacco) washed/rinsed/ diried on sun for a while / added honey / mixed/ squeezed / wraped in foil and baked at ~140celsium for 1h. / took out/ burned fingers/ cooled down / added 2 tea spoons of glycerin and 2ml of lorain oil/ put it in a jar. 

    So anyway its not as molases sticky... it kinda feel loose. even when you shake the jar its shaking there also. I think i did smth wrong. 

    Nope - didnt tried to smoke it yet.

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  3. Hey all! Was kinda read-only for a long time. Now wanted to try making some tobacco myself. Read at some places at honey if heated over 40C (Celsius) gets pretty nasty  (bla bla bla cancer bla bla bla toxic bla bla bla). Any comment on that? Also don't have any vacuum device, just throwing it in a box and mixing once a day should work also :)? About molasses - kinda wasn't able to find it in our shops, maybe it is my problem, maybe they don't stock it. (probably i wasnt able to find one). 

    Also about Lorain Oils - how much of that stuff you pour in the process? Thx ! And hello from Estonia :)

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