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  1. HookahHooligan

    Thoughts on Haze?

    I like it straight too which is weird because I usually don't haha As for titanium coals the best deal is to get the lounge box which is x amount of dollars for like 10 kilos or something like that. I don't know the price, sorry im useless lol. but it is a good deal and there are always discount codes floating around everywhere you can use.
  2. HookahHooligan

    Thoughts on Haze?

    I'm like addicted to what a mint right now lol. I mix it with everything. I live that creamyness it has. And I'm usually not a fan of straight mint flavors either.
  3. The only brand I've noticed that benefits from under packing is social smoke. It smokes well even if you skimp on it. Everything else though I fluff pack to the rim and pat it down nothing special with holes or anything. Starbuzz is just like any other brand pack it the same way. The only brand that's different is tangiers, which requires a very dense pack.
  4. HookahHooligan

    Hookah.org Official Video Reviews

    Same here it just shows an empty post. It used to show the URL to the video I believe.
  5. HookahHooligan

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    Thanks guys feels good to be welcomed back I'm doing okay just kind of stuck jobless right now is all. But things will turn around just gotta keep trying. Congrats on those contests what hookahs did you win?
  6. HookahHooligan

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    I haven't been on here in forever it feels like. Dealing with a lot of crap right now sorry for my absence Been smoking just haven't gotten on here. Anyway I'm starting up a bowl of haze frozen lakes. How is everyone?
  7. HookahHooligan

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    Having a bowl of fumari blueberry muffin. I haven't been smoking much lately I'm not sure why, just haven't really been feeling it.
  8. HookahHooligan

    Forum Software Upgrade

    Seems to be better now =)
  9. HookahHooligan

    Forum Software Upgrade

    Did you change something? Maybe its just me but all of the fonts are huge now. lol
  10. HookahHooligan

    Forum Software Upgrade

    So far everything seems fine for me, but I havent used the app much so I cant really say anything about that. The only thing I noticed and its not really a bug or anything is that on the web version of the fourm, posts that contain youtube videos the video shows up HUGE, like almost full screen width.
  11. HookahHooligan

    Reviews from HookahHooligan.com

    Newest reviews:
  12. HookahHooligan

    Forum Software Upgrade

    Me too! And in addition to that Nima sent me a PM and even my email program though it was a scam lol I've been super busy but I'm going to poke around now and test stuff out.
  13. HookahHooligan

    Shisha in a lounge vs home

    You might also find better luck with the 'special edition" line, its mostly the same exact thing, but a little jucier, the cut is bigger, and the flavors are more bold. But again, they only come in 250g so it goes with the larger packs are better thing. I dont really like AF on its own aside from a few flavors, I usually have to mix it with something else. But I do like the flavors. Try picking up some haze, fumari, pure, or whatever other juicy modern brand and it really helps tone down AFs issues. Sorry I'm late on this, hopefully this is still relevant lol
  14. HookahHooligan

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    Starting up a bowl of 50/50 haze chaitastic and AF special edition rich creme. Need to get some work done tonight.
  15. HookahHooligan

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    Thanks. Doing my best here. I got my last paycheck yesterday and my jerk of a boss took off my raise. I dont think its even legal to change someones wage for hours that they have already worked, future hours, sure thats fine, but I already put in those hours you cant just change the wage with no notice or anything at all. Ugh. Packing a bowl of something and going to get on the phone with a co worker who might have advice for me. This boss is not easy to deal with.