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    Khalil Mamoon Medium Tri Metal

    From the album: Hookah Hooligan's Hookahs

    This is my newest hookah for you all to check out. Please ignore the mess in the background, my sister is in town and shes crashing on our couch haha
  2. HookahHooligan

    Has anybody ever tried mixing E-Juice with their shisha?

    Just stay out of trouble lol no scaring off the new people! Oh and you can just copy and paste any YouTube link and it will automatically put the video there.
  3. HookahHooligan

    Has anybody ever tried mixing E-Juice with their shisha?

    Thats one of my favorite parts of hookah and vape, you can experiment with tons of things and have fun with it. There isn't just one single way to do things. No right or wrong way, its great.
  4. HookahHooligan

    Has anybody ever tried mixing E-Juice with their shisha?

    Dude is very passionate when it comes to the vape topic lol Don't mind him, hes a good guy. Paul does have a video and article about this somewhere I will go find it for you. I havent ever tried it but every time this topic comes up I get more curious about it, I might try it soon. Anyway, here is the video I was talking about:
  5. HookahHooligan

    Hookah.org Mousepad and Coffee Mug

    These are awesome Nima! I want both haha
  6. HookahHooligan

    "Hookah Lounge" in Glendale, CA

    $20 for a bowl of Starbuzz? No thank you.
  7. HookahHooligan

    Khalil Mamoon Medium Tri Metal

    Thanks! The draw is super smooth and just like I remember from KM.
  8. HookahHooligan

    Al Fakher Cherry with Mint Review

    Brand/Flavor: Al Fakher Cherry with Mint Amount Purchased: 50g How Packaged: Small box with a non-resealable bag inside. First Impression Smell: It smells like a Ludens cherry cough drop with menthol added in and with less of the medicine aspect. To me, it smells good, because I love those things. Shisha Feel: Dyed super red like most AF, finely chopped and not overly juicy, just enough to smoke well. Hookah: Nammor Furat Bowl: Vortex Bowl Foil: 2 layers of regular foil Wind Cover: On and off, for heat management purposes. Type of Coals and Amount: 2 Coco Naras Clouds: Not huge, but not tiny either. Nice and thick though. Buzz: I got a little bit of a buzz but thats because I lost a lot of my nicotine tolerance. Flavor: The mint is the strongest part, the cherry is lighter and stays in the background. Length of Session: A little over an hour. Overall Impression: It's good. Would I buy it again? No. But thats simply because I would prefer to buy the two flavors(cherry and mint) separate and mix them myself. This was too minty for my tastes. Being able to mix it on my own means I can make it exactly how I like it. But, the flavors on their own are both great.
  9. HookahHooligan

    Al Fakher Cherry with Mint Review

    I haven't tried absolute zero but I've heard its quite strong so it would be great for mixing with this flavor, just use it sparingly because the cherry could get overpowered easily.
  10. HookahHooligan

    Hookah Hooligan's Hookahs

    Hookahs owned by user Hookah Hooligan
  11. HookahHooligan

    Nakhla Cherry Review

    Thanks for the review, I might pick this up soon to compare to the AF cherry.
  12. HookahHooligan

    The Struggle

    From the album: Funny Hookah Pictures

    When you're desperate and out of coals lol I saw this on Instagram a while ago and thought you guys might enjoy it.
  13. HookahHooligan

    The Struggle

    I highly doubt it lol It was probably just done as a joke I hope no one actually tried it.
  14. HookahHooligan

    Funny Hookah Pictures

  15. HookahHooligan

    Fumari Citrus Tea Review

    I forgot to take pictures again, sorry! But here are my thoughts on this awesome Fumari flavor. Brand/Flavor: Fumari - Citrus Tea Amount Purchased: 100g How Packaged: Thick plastic resealable bag First Impression Smell: The first time I smelled this when I first got it, it smelled like a mix of lemon and orange, not much tea was coming through. But today when I smoked it all I could smell was a floral note, very close to lavender, and a hint of a bitter orange. Shisha Feel: Super super juicy, and really chopped up, how Fumari usually is. Hookah: Nammor Furat Bowl: Harmony Bowl Foil: Kaloud Lotus Wind Cover: N/A Type of Coals and Amount: 1 Mya Genie Coco Coal finger(broken into 3 pieces) Clouds: Gigantic. Buzz: None, but some people might get a little. Flavor: The name doesn't do this flavor justice, this is a lot more than just citrus tea. I get tons of flavors from this. I was expecting a Brisk or Nestea type flavor but it isn't that at all. It's very floral(It reminds me a lot of lavender tea) and not overly sweet. The citrus comes through as a bitter orange or possibly lemon and there are subtle hints of tea in the background. Towards the end of the session I started picking up a little vanilla as well. If I had to describe it in a few words I would say that it is very similar to an Earl Grey tea with lavender notes in there. Length of Session: My bowl is huge, so it lasted a little over an hour, until the coals died out. It will definitely last another round of coals later tonight. Overall Impression: If you like floral flavors or earl grey tea, you'll love this flavor, If you hate floral stuff, then it's probably not for you. I'll definitely be buying it again.
  16. HookahHooligan

    Fumari Citrus Tea Review

    It has no distinct lemon/lime/orange citrus taste to it. If you've ever had earl grey tea, its like that. A slight bitter orange in the background but not an overpowering citrusy taste. I would recommend it if you're curious and like tea.
  17. HookahHooligan

    IMG 5781

    That is quite the stash, mine is mostly a bunch of 50g boxes haha
  18. HookahHooligan

    Review - Al Fakher Peach

    This is my first review on here. I don't have any pictures or videos to add but I'll be sure to do that next time. I used the template WolfDen made up. Al Fakher - Peach Amount Purchased: 250g How Packaged: Non-Resealable Bag First Impression Smell: Smells like peach ring candy, the most delicious you can imagine. Shisha Feel: Typical Al Fakher cut, choppy but not too choppy, good amount of juice but not too much. Hookah: No Name Egyptian Bowl: Alien Mini Phunnel Foil: Kaloud Lotus Wind Cover: N/A Type of Coals and Amount: 2 Coco Naras(bigger than average) Clouds: Typical AF, thick and fluffy. Not hard to achieve with good heat management. Buzz: Depends on tolerance level, I don't get a buzz from AF but know people who do. Its a decent medium strength I would say. Flavor: Delicious. Doesn't taste as sweet as it smells, which is a good thing. You can't mistake this for anything other than peach. It's one of my favorite AF flavors and probably one of my favorite flavors overall as well. There isn't a whole lot to say about it other than it's great. If you like candy peach then its for you, if you want natural peach, not so much. Length of Session: A little over an hour, but I was using a small bowl. A bigger bowl will last longer. Overall Impression: Like I said, one of my favorites! =)