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  1. Thanks for explaining the mint part so well. For somebody like me that is not a big fan of the mint, I like that you paid attention to that little fact. I'm with you on the mixing it yourself. I would mix regular cherry with absolute zero to get just the amount of mint I want. 


    I haven't tried absolute zero but I've heard its quite strong so it would be great for mixing with this flavor, just use it sparingly because the cherry could get overpowered easily.

  2. Interesting.  I really don't like citrusy flavors in my hookah, so I'm very hesitant to try this, but I like the review.


    It has no distinct lemon/lime/orange citrus taste to it. If you've ever had earl grey tea, its like that. A slight bitter orange in the background but not an overpowering citrusy taste. I would recommend it if you're curious and like tea.