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  1. Any gamers here?

    it was an alright game, way over hyped though. I don't see any replay value in it sadly. Stick of Truth wasn't a bad game, had some hard parts in it
  2. Any gamers here?

    Mainly simulators, Euro Truck Simulator 2, ARMA 3, some DayZ, Farming Simulator. but I have a pretty wide collection of games. Here's a list of all my games: http://steamdb.info/calculator/?player=detectederror
  3. Any gamers here?

    I'm a PC Gamer
  4. Smoking Right Now Thread

    SS Pina-Colada
  5. Smoking Right Now Thread

    I've heard multiple peaches be described that way, i'm coming to the realization I don't like smoking peachrings
  6. Smoking Right Now Thread

    Cloud 9 Peach Pizazz, I remember why I gave up on peach flavors... but i've had worse
  7. Smoking Right Now Thread

    smoking some Social Smoke Arabian Nights
  8. Smoking Right Now Thread

    SS dulce de leche
  9. Smoking Right Now Thread

    XHale - Raspberry so far the smell is amazing, but the taste is lacking :/