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  1. On 4/6/2018 at 4:38 PM, Ecko_1 said:

    Mazaya Blueberry mint mixed with some Grape and berry

    KM pharonie. Hj Ferris bowl and lotus. Titanium flats.

    Awesome smoke session out in the back yard. It's 1030 at night and wife and baby are gone to bed

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    AF Mint, KM 1001 Nights Ice, Samsaris, Lotus, starlight naturals.

    Awesome smoke session,  got a new place and a new room to smoke in. 

  2. For a temporary fix you can cover the hole with a ball of aluminum foil. Roll up a ball of foil larger than the hole and press it firmly into the hole. For good measure cover it with a piece of electrical tape. I would not recommend using glues of any sort, you don't want to inhale anything nasty. 

  3. 22 minutes ago, DrSatwinder™ said:

    Yeah read about that somewhere, so just thought might have been sold or so.
    Anyways good to hear its working and good to have you guys still.
    Will be posting soon on regular basis.

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    Yeah, Nima sent out a newsletter about it. Probably where you read it. 

    I'll still be here until the place closes for good, and I'll try posting more often

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  4. Damn lucky, those kilo packs stay fresh? I buy my stuff in 250 packs only to avoid anything from drying out after being open

    They're resealable so they stay fresh and moist for a while. I have had a better experience with the kilo than 250g to be honest. If you can get them at a reasonable price they are worth it. You can end up saving a few bucks over 4 250g packs

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  5. On 6/4/2017 at 1:35 PM, Mint Head said:

    I am too, but I always run out since I don't buy it in bulk like DA, I might next order though, I really love nakhla mint

    My local store sells kilos of AF Mint for $40.  I usually get a new kilo before I am even close to running out. It's a good way to stockpile and at a decent price. For Nakhla they only have kilos of Double Apple, I love DA but not enough to get a kilo of it. 


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  6. " userid="10692"]Hey all ... How you all doing...
    Another thought, recently been experimenting and using natural wood lump coals ... And i am impressed with the result ...
    Anybody else using natural lump coals?

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    I don't actively use them, but I have used them in the past. I even made my own for a while. I do have to say they are very cheap and the longevity is astounding. Although in my experiences they changed the flavor of the smoke. Not as badly as a quicklite but it was still there. I'd gladly recommend them however. Just be careful of them popping or splitting

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  7. On 5/12/2017 at 2:00 AM, DrSatwinder™ said:

    Another thought guys ... How many natural coal cubes do you prefer starting with in kaloud ...??
    Share your thoughts, then i'll tell my experience, coz i seem to be experimening with kaloud and have quite nice findings ...

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    I prefer to use flats compared to cubes, but I would follow the general rule of 2-3 cubes in a Lotus depending on the heat output. 

    22 hours ago, dd0723 said:

    Yes, actually because of @chernobylI was using Starlights for the best part of a year because they carry them in stock at my local smoke shops. Not bad, but I've moved on to other coals simply because I think I have a coal fetish. I have to try everything out there just to say I had them. I'm a big fan of Pharaoh's coals because of their consistency and heat. I"ve also tried the Hookah Boyz Coals which are pretty good as well. I like those because they don't give me a headache at all.

     Lately I've been ordering my coals from amazon on prime for only $10 per 120ct box. They are called coco hookah and are supplied by a local NJ company which is nice; have to support my local market. LOL They are cheap and work well. I wish they were hotter because in my ignis I have to use 4 of them to get the desired output. I haven't used my lotus since I got my ignis a few months back so I'm not sure how they will work with it... Maybe I should test that tonight. 

    Anyway, I've also tried Ecocha which are very decent. I've also tried haze coals which are my favorite as far as heat. Two cubes in the Ignis and is perfect, however they give me a horrendous headache, so I haven't used them again. 

    As for quicklights, I've actually come across two brands that are really good as far as taste, smell and longevity. The Pharaohs quicklights and a brand named Carbon; they both have a hole in the middle of the disk and have a weight consistency similar to natural coals. I keep those around for when I run out of natural coals which happens more than I would like.

    I think that's all about my experience with coals. Hope that helped. 

    Good to know I have some influence :P I don't blame you for moving on though. I like to get a new brand every once in a while. I would be remiss if I didn't. There could be a gem of a coal and I would never know it. 


    I've also used the Ecocha. They were very good. Although for me they were too pricey. 

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  8. 1 hour ago, chitand said:

    We shouldn't even discuss quicklights lol. They're bad period. As far as natural coals go...one month the worst brand becomes the best brand and the best brand becomes the worst. I.e: titanium's and Cocourth were fantastic. Currently titanium is experiencing some blacking out issues and Cocourth just relaunched it's product after a massive fail a while back. I just switch brands every few months because there will never be a coal that is consistent 100% of the time unless someone discovers a way to manipulate rainfall and crop yields lol.

    While I despise quicklights, there is a huge market for them and almost every single beginner is going to be using these. It would be harmful to the integrity of this thread to just ignore them. That being said, I would say the best brand for quicklights is Three Kings. 

    I have been using Starlight Natural coals for years now. They have been the most consistent for me, with just a few batches every year cracking or blacking out. Starlights have a uniform shape to each coal and produce a lot of heat. Three coals in the Lotus is pushing it. I wouldn't ever try 4 coals, foil or Lotus, as that much heat would torch the shisha. Oh, and their price can't be beat (at least locally) $3.99-$4.99 for a 72 count box. 

    57 minutes ago, DrSatwinder™ said:

    Yeah ... thats true ... used coco naras earlier, but somehow feel they have lost it now a days ... And were damn costly too here in india ...
    Been using CocoLite Nats now, Import from Malaysia they say on the box ... and DAMN good as of now ...

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    & as far as Quicklites go ... i always keep a box or two on the side ... Use it when i have friends over ... lol

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    And another thing ... how many have experienced aftertaste or altered taste with quick lites ...???
    Coz i honestly feel theres 20 25% taste difference than nats ...

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    Quick lights always, ALWAYS, affect the flavor of shisha. If there is a brand that doesn't I have yet to experience them. 

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  9. 5 minutes ago, dd0723 said:


    Oh that's cool. I like the drawers.
    Thanks for the compliments. I don't think you can really see them all really well and some were being cleaned. In total I know own 13 hookahs. Eventually I'll clean that table and display them all nice and neatly.

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    Tonight I'm smoking some fantasia F1 which is a nice blueberry and I'm using my social smoke Izmir and my new pharaoh's swivel hose.
    I love this hose, solid and with a nice draw.


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    Thank you. You sure have me beat on the hookah collection. I sold a few of mine over the years to friends getting into the hobby. I miss them but glad to see them go to a good home. 

    I was talking to the missus about that hose after seeing you post about it. It may just be the next thing to be added to my collection.

    I'm smoking a bowl of AF mint, but I'm sure you guys are tired of me posting the same thing. :P 

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  10. 3 hours ago, iotterbeinbed said:

    Trying out AF melon for the first time - it seems to be a pretty light flavor, but not bad.  I like melon-flavored anything.  :)

    I wouldn't say melon is a light flavor. I've found it to be quite a rich flavor, enough to only need a small amount to alter the flavor of a mix. It is great nonetheless, and is in my rotation of flavors. This past week was blueberry though, watermelon will likely be next.

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  11. 13 minutes ago, dd0723 said:


    WUT? Is that all you have to clean up? You have it easy. This is my station...I have a lot of cleaning to do.

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    Damn picture didn't come out. Let's try this again...


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    Damn that is a lot to clean up! Better hop to it :P Love the collection of hookahs, by the way.

     That is just the top part, I have drawers underneath full of supplies. I meant that I have bits of shisha on the station that need to be wiped off. 

    This is drawer #1. I also have a small station on my hookah table that I made (remember that thing?) Right now the stuff isn't on the table because I just repainted it. It has a nice chalkboard tabletop, so you can doddle and smoke!



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  12. 5 minutes ago, dd0723 said:

    What's up guys? I finally tried the Fantasia's Castro line and well, it leaves a lot to be desired. I wasn't as impressed as I thought I was going to be. However that's one out of three flavors. I hope the others are better.


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    Can't wait to see what you think of the others. I haven't had Fantasia in a long while

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  13. On 2/26/2017 at 0:16 PM, Honni said:

    Looks like my last haul inspired this lol, the banana is dead on huh? I wanna get kiwi and lime and mix those

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    It was partially you, partially the store getting a new shipment that day. :P Saw the banana and made my mind up right there.

    20 hours ago, dd0723 said:


    I LOVE their kiwi. Very good flavor. I haven't been crazy about the banana flavors I've tried so let me know how that one is.

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    This banana is actually pretty good. It's not accurate to a real banana but it has that distinct banana flavor you would expect from something claiming to be

    4 hours ago, Honni said:

    And I never cared for kiwi straight but I think with lime it'll be good, or mint I guess... just never tried that

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    1 hour ago, dd0723 said:

    I can vouch for their kiwi and their guava. :thumbsup:

    Their kiwi is great. Personally it is not something I would smoke by itself, it is definitely a mixing flavor in my opinion. Kiwi and banana is a great mix. Haven't gotten around to kiwi with mint. Their guava is another great flavor. Something I wasn't expecting to be so good but was happily surprised to be proven wrong

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  14. 2 hours ago, DrSatwinder™ said:

    Washing in a sense that i rinse it with hot water, and stem scrubbed with stem brush ...
    Proper cleaning sessions come every 15 days or so ... All with hot water and lime and some vinegar ....
    Just wipes the ghosting if ever there is ...

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    I do cold water, bit of lemon juice and a vigorous shake for day to day cleaning. Maybe once a week or every other week it gets a deep clean, the same thing but with hot water, more lemon juice and maybe a brush if it needs it. The stem doesn't need to be brushed often, it's always the base that does. 

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  15. 11 minutes ago, DrSatwinder™ said:

    Got another pack of cola, will smoke it without coke in the base, then lets c how it goes ....
    And yeah, i do wash my hookah completely after each session ....

    You're better than me. I won't wash it completely after every session if I know I'm going to be smoking the same thing for a while. 

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  16. 10 hours ago, dd0723 said:


    Yeah I agree with you on that. Not to mention that I haven't gotten a single creative bone in my body. Lol

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    Just keep trying DD, it's in there somewhere!

    7 minutes ago, DrSatwinder™ said:

    LoL .... Yeah man, thats kinda true .... Had only this one design available in freeze hoses ... So however it is, had to put it in my mouth to njoy cool smoke .... LoL

    Yeah there aren't that many on the market, not that I can think of. I can think of three right off the top of my head, and that includes the one you used. Used to own one of them actually, wasn't a big fan considering my hookah already has an ice tray built in.

    9 minutes ago, DrSatwinder™ said:

    LoL ... I just salvage parts from any hose that i m about to discard ... Just keep 'em handy ...
    And sometimes i make one hose while smoking a good session of hookah ... Half an hour to hour max ....

    Good to see I'm not the only one who will cannibalize objects for random purposes

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