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    My name is Noble. I've been a hookah smoker for about 4-5 years now.
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  1. chernobyl

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    AF Mint, KM 1001 Nights Ice, Samsaris, Lotus, starlight naturals. Awesome smoke session, got a new place and a new room to smoke in.
  2. chernobyl

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    Yeah, Nima sent out a newsletter about it. Probably where you read it. I'll still be here until the place closes for good, and I'll try posting more often
  3. chernobyl

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    The forum is still functioning however traffic has slowed and the owner is looking to sell.
  4. chernobyl

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    They're resealable so they stay fresh and moist for a while. I have had a better experience with the kilo than 250g to be honest. If you can get them at a reasonable price they are worth it. You can end up saving a few bucks over 4 250g packs Sent from my Pixel using Hookah.org mobile app
  5. chernobyl

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    My local store sells kilos of AF Mint for $40. I usually get a new kilo before I am even close to running out. It's a good way to stockpile and at a decent price. For Nakhla they only have kilos of Double Apple, I love DA but not enough to get a kilo of it.
  6. chernobyl

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    I'm the same way with mint. it never gets old. Also, I'm packing a bowl of mint.
  7. chernobyl

    Hookah Coals & Heat Management

    I don't actively use them, but I have used them in the past. I even made my own for a while. I do have to say they are very cheap and the longevity is astounding. Although in my experiences they changed the flavor of the smoke. Not as badly as a quicklite but it was still there. I'd gladly recommend them however. Just be careful of them popping or splitting Sent from my Pixel using Hookah.org mobile app
  8. chernobyl

    Hookah Coals & Heat Management

    I prefer to use flats compared to cubes, but I would follow the general rule of 2-3 cubes in a Lotus depending on the heat output. Good to know I have some influence I don't blame you for moving on though. I like to get a new brand every once in a while. I would be remiss if I didn't. There could be a gem of a coal and I would never know it. I've also used the Ecocha. They were very good. Although for me they were too pricey.
  9. chernobyl

    Hookah Coals & Heat Management

    While I despise quicklights, there is a huge market for them and almost every single beginner is going to be using these. It would be harmful to the integrity of this thread to just ignore them. That being said, I would say the best brand for quicklights is Three Kings. I have been using Starlight Natural coals for years now. They have been the most consistent for me, with just a few batches every year cracking or blacking out. Starlights have a uniform shape to each coal and produce a lot of heat. Three coals in the Lotus is pushing it. I wouldn't ever try 4 coals, foil or Lotus, as that much heat would torch the shisha. Oh, and their price can't be beat (at least locally) $3.99-$4.99 for a 72 count box. Quick lights always, ALWAYS, affect the flavor of shisha. If there is a brand that doesn't I have yet to experience them.
  10. chernobyl

    Hookah Coals & Heat Management

    Good idea! There's so many tips and tricks for us to share Sent from my Pixel using Hookah.org mobile app
  11. chernobyl

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    Thank you. You sure have me beat on the hookah collection. I sold a few of mine over the years to friends getting into the hobby. I miss them but glad to see them go to a good home. I was talking to the missus about that hose after seeing you post about it. It may just be the next thing to be added to my collection. I'm smoking a bowl of AF mint, but I'm sure you guys are tired of me posting the same thing.
  12. chernobyl

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    I wouldn't say melon is a light flavor. I've found it to be quite a rich flavor, enough to only need a small amount to alter the flavor of a mix. It is great nonetheless, and is in my rotation of flavors. This past week was blueberry though, watermelon will likely be next.
  13. chernobyl

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    Damn that is a lot to clean up! Better hop to it Love the collection of hookahs, by the way. That is just the top part, I have drawers underneath full of supplies. I meant that I have bits of shisha on the station that need to be wiped off. This is drawer #1. I also have a small station on my hookah table that I made (remember that thing?) Right now the stuff isn't on the table because I just repainted it. It has a nice chalkboard tabletop, so you can doddle and smoke!
  14. chernobyl

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    Sounds very familiar, haha. Smoking a bowl of 80% Mint, 20% Blueberry. I really need to clean up my little "hookah station"
  15. chernobyl

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    Can't wait to see what you think of the others. I haven't had Fantasia in a long while