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    Hookah Coals & Heat Management

    I don't actively use them, but I have used them in the past. I even made my own for a while. I do have to say they are very cheap and the longevity is astounding. Although in my experiences they changed the flavor of the smoke. Not as badly as a quicklite but it was still there. I'd gladly recommend them however. Just be careful of them popping or splitting Sent from my Pixel using Hookah.org mobile app
  2. chernobyl

    Hookah Coals & Heat Management

    I prefer to use flats compared to cubes, but I would follow the general rule of 2-3 cubes in a Lotus depending on the heat output. Good to know I have some influence I don't blame you for moving on though. I like to get a new brand every once in a while. I would be remiss if I didn't. There could be a gem of a coal and I would never know it. I've also used the Ecocha. They were very good. Although for me they were too pricey.
  3. chernobyl

    Hookah Coals & Heat Management

    While I despise quicklights, there is a huge market for them and almost every single beginner is going to be using these. It would be harmful to the integrity of this thread to just ignore them. That being said, I would say the best brand for quicklights is Three Kings. I have been using Starlight Natural coals for years now. They have been the most consistent for me, with just a few batches every year cracking or blacking out. Starlights have a uniform shape to each coal and produce a lot of heat. Three coals in the Lotus is pushing it. I wouldn't ever try 4 coals, foil or Lotus, as that much heat would torch the shisha. Oh, and their price can't be beat (at least locally) $3.99-$4.99 for a 72 count box. Quick lights always, ALWAYS, affect the flavor of shisha. If there is a brand that doesn't I have yet to experience them.
  4. chernobyl

    Hookah Coals & Heat Management

    Good idea! There's so many tips and tricks for us to share Sent from my Pixel using Hookah.org mobile app
  5. chernobyl

    Favorite flavors

    I do cold water, bit of lemon juice and a vigorous shake for day to day cleaning. Maybe once a week or every other week it gets a deep clean, the same thing but with hot water, more lemon juice and maybe a brush if it needs it. The stem doesn't need to be brushed often, it's always the base that does.
  6. chernobyl

    Favorite flavors

    You're better than me. I won't wash it completely after every session if I know I'm going to be smoking the same thing for a while.
  7. chernobyl

    Favorite flavors

    Love the mango, might just get some myself. The peach can be a bit strong by itself but delicious Sent from my Pixel using Hookah.org mobile app
  8. chernobyl

    Favorite flavors

    It very well could have. Probably added enough of a flavor that you're familiar with that you didn't notice the shisha as much Sent from my Pixel using Hookah.org mobile app
  9. chernobyl

    Favorite flavors

    We're only a little obsessed about hookah, I swear. Everyone has their own preference and what works for them. I smoke often so I have to stock up.
  10. chernobyl

    Favorite flavors

    Buying 50g packs are only handy if you are unsure if you like the flavor, like @iotterbeinbed said. If you like the flavor, simply try to get the largest that the shisha comes in and that you can afford, i.e. 250g packs. You'll be saving money in the long run. 50g might not even last half a day
  11. chernobyl

    Favorite flavors

    Isn't Cardamom a spice flavor?
  12. chernobyl

    Favorite flavors

    Normally I would say Nakhla Mizo Mint but that has been increasingly difficult to source locally. My recent favorite would be Fumari spiced chai
  13. chernobyl

    Mazaya - Orange with Cream Review

    Mazaya - Orange with Cream Amount Purchased: 250g How Packaged: Mazaya comes in a box, which contains a round cardboard container. In which there is a resealable bag, that has another bag inside of it similar to Nakhla. Too much packaging honestly but the resealable bag is a huge plus. First Impression Smell: Wow! This smells amazing. The perfect mix of orange and cream. Similar to the Fumari Orange Cream. Shisha Feel: Very, very moist. My fingers were down right soaked after packing this bowl. Cut evenly and with little to no stems was great. Hookah: Khalil Mamoon 1001 Nights Ice Double Bowl: Generic phunnel Foil: Reynold's Heavy Duty Wind Cover: Yes, used to regulate heat. Type of Coals and Amount: Starlight Natural Coconut, 2 coals. Clouds: The wetness of the shisha lets it smoke amazingly with thick billowing clouds. Buzz: The buzz is almost non-existent in my opinion. It contains only 0.05% Nicotine compared to Nakhla that has 0.5% Flavor: This is spot on to what it is trying to be. The orange is subtle and allows the cream to make a smooth relaxing flavor. Every hit until the last round of coals was fully flavored. Longevity: Holy cow! This shisha can last for quite a while. In my phunnel bowl it was easily able to go through 3 rounds of coals without losing flavor or volume of smoke. Overall Impression: 20/20 I believe this is one of the first flavors I have had that can get a perfect score. Everything about it was amazing. The flavor and smell were accurate with impressive clouds.
  14. chernobyl

    My nights alone!

    Sounds about right! haha. Pack up a bowl, sit back and relax. 
  15. chernobyl

    6 month old

    Such a beautiful dog!
  16. chernobyl

    Fumari Orange Cream Review

    Fumari: Orange Cream Amount Purchased: 100g How Packaged: Shisha is packed is a small(ish) bag, the bag is resealable. High quality bag. I really like this packaging First Impression Smell: This is an interesting one, it starts off with a light to medium orange scent that easily transitions to a cream scent. Very reminiscent of a orange cream popsicle. Shisha Feel: Very moist, feels a bit chunky. The cut is small with very little to no stems. Hookah: Khalil Mamoon 1001 Nights Ice Double Bowl: Generic phunnel Foil: Reynold's Heavy Duty Wind Cover: Yes, used to regulate heat. Type of Coals and Amount: Starlight Natural Coconut, 2 coals. Clouds: Great clouds, they are not filling the room but they are not light. They are not as big as I expected for such a juicy shisha but good nonetheless. After 30 minutes the clouds got much better. Buzz: I feel a very light buzz. It should be noted that I am used to higher nicotine content shisha, so that may change how I feel. Flavor: The flavor is on point, there is no undernote or second note. You can immediately taste the orange cream flavor, neither over powers the other. Longevity: First round of coals lasted for an hour, currently on a second round. Depending on how juicy this is it may last for a third round. Overall Impression: 19/20 This was a great flavor, the smell and taste were very accurate with great longevity. I highly recommend this flavor. If it was cheaper, it would be a go to flavor.
  17. chernobyl

    Parsa (11 weeks old) at her schutzhund training club

    She is so gorgeous!
  18. chernobyl

    "Hookah Lounge" in Glendale, CA

    That is why I prefer to smoke at home. Although some lounges are worth the charge.. But not $16 for Al Fakher, the most it costs around here is $10
  19. chernobyl

    Review of Never Xhale natural Coals

    Oh my! That is seriously horrible and I have never had a coal do that before, not even quick lights or natural wood. I would have thrown them away as well. This actually makes me want to review some coals myself.
  20. chernobyl

    IMG 6626

    Wow those look like they produce a lot of ash!
  21. chernobyl

    Nakhla Cherry Review

    Nakhla Cherry Amount Purchased: 250g How Packaged: Nakhla comes in a box, the shisha is inside of a plastic wrapping that is sealed inside of another foil lined bag. It is not resealable. Another container might be needed. First Impression Smell: It has a hint of cherry cough syrup with a bit of a candy smell. Hard to place what the taste will be like. Shisha Feel: More moist than typical Nakhla but it isn't dripping wet. It is red coloured and could stain your hands. Stems are typical of Nakhla. Hookah: Khalil Mamoon 1001 Nights Ice Double Bowl: Generic phunnel Foil: Reynold's Heavy Duty Wind Cover: Yes, used to regulate heat. Type of Coals and Amount: Starlight Natural Coconut, 2 coals. Clouds: Thick, large clouds Buzz: Slight to moderate Flavor: In my opinion it tastes like how a cherry should taste. No hint of cough syrup, but not candy like either. Longevity: Roughly an hour and 20 minutes. Another round of coals can be used Overall Impression: 17/20 I really like this flavor. It isn't overpowering and it doesn't taste like cough syrup like other brands. It would be great to mix with other flavors.
  22. chernobyl

    8 weeks old - first day at my house

    She is so adorable!
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    IMG 20140704 202307803

  24. chernobyl

    Green Woods Forge and Grill

    My little home away from home, which happens to be my backyard. It has a fire pit, grill and surround by woods.
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    IMG 20140704 202216584