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    Hookah, Sketching, Tattoos, Body Modification, Music and thats pretty much it lol.


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    KM OG, KM Halzone, Mya QT, Mya OG from Baghdad
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  1. Latest Shisha Order Thread

    Okay, just ordered my first Tangiers! Burley line Cane mint and OG line Horchata, along with some titanium's. Any opinions on those two flavors would be greatly appreciated
  2. Smoking Right Now Thread

    Daaaaaamn that sucks.... Almost the same feeling as a broken heart
  3. Smoking Right Now Thread

    It is really good
  4. Smoking Right Now Thread

    The lady and I have a friend over, so we are starting up one of our favorite mixes! Starbuzz Coco Jumbo and Pirates Cave!
  5. Any gamers here?

    I have a ps3, but lately I've been going back to my roots with Nintendo. Broke out the n64 and I've been playing thru starfox64 and I just finished Majoras Mask
  6. Smoking Right Now Thread

    AF watermelon with mint. Haven't posted in a while, glad to see this forum is still goin strong!
  7. Smoking Right Now Thread

    starting up a bowl of AF Watermelon with Mint, and hoping on the chat room. Sorry I haven't been active lately, work keeps me swamped
  8. Smoking Right Now Thread

    AF grapefruit with mint Sent from my XT907 using Hookah.org mobile app
  9. Smoking Right Now Thread

    Starbuzz Cosmo Power
  10. Smoking Right Now Thread

    Starbuzz Coco Jumbo and Pirates Cave with Nirvana Punish-Mint. Been a while lol
  11. Smoking Right Now Thread

    Lol thanks Sent from my XT907
  12. Smoking Right Now Thread

    Fumari Prickly Pear Sent from my XT907
  13. Smoking Right Now Thread

    I love Starbuzz. I smoke with either a phunnel or vortex. You can pack it however you want if you use a Kaloud Lotus, with foil I keep it right below the rim, lightly packed. Usually 2 coco coals and a windscreen Sent from my XT907
  14. Smoking Right Now Thread

    Starbuzz Green Savior Sent from my XT907
  15. Smoking Right Now Thread

    Surprisingly its at this small tobacco shop right under a display of sex toys Lol. They have 6 or 7 flavors Sent from my XT907