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  1. TheEightyFour

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    Holy crap I'm still alive, ya'll! Hey all, and hey new folks. Work's been tearing my life a new one, and I have been having so many family-related issues pop up here recently that my free time is better spent getting more than 3 or 4 hours of sleep a night. Missed you all, and I miss being on here. Hopefully things will calm down a bit at the end of the year, and I'll be back for reals. That said, I've been smoking Tangiers Kashmir Cherry here recently when I have the time to set up the hookah. Not too shabby. I thought it was the only Tangiers flavor I had for about a month but it turns out I had about 6 other unopened packages. Psh, sucks to be away from the hookah as much as I am. dd - I saw above you guys got a new place. Congrats!
  2. TheEightyFour

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    Once I get this site done, I'm having a bottle or 10 of vodka. I've been in web developer hell and my body is hating me for it. Either way, I've got a 6 hour night ahead of me. Loading up the KM with some Tangiers Mint.
  3. TheEightyFour

    hookah stem leak

    If you can't find the source of the leak, fill up a bathtub with water and submerge your hookah, covering the bottom opening (yeah, you'll get a little wet). Blow into the top (or cover the top and blow into the bottom, whatever works). You'll see air bubbles where it has a leak. Then follow @DudeWhere'sMyHookah's steps with JB weld.
  4. TheEightyFour

    What is your order when you're at a lounge?

    I usually go for mint. I can almost tell by the flavor what brands they use and how well they know how to pack it. That said, I usually ask, at lounges I haven't been to before, what brands they carry, and what a "premium" vs regular entails. I had a great experience at one lounge (for the ordering process at least) where they told me the premium flavor was AF, but it's been on the shelf for a while, and was nearing expiration, so they told me to go for a cheaper option because it would be fresher. That's good stuff, even though I would have preferred the AF. At the lounge I normally go to, I usually get AF Orange. They used to have Nakhla, but stopped carrying it for some reason, and I would get mint.
  5. TheEightyFour

    Latest Shisha Order Thread

    Wrong thread. Hah.
  6. TheEightyFour

    Home made hookah hose ??

    I haven't, but my first hookah I bought was from a guy moving back to India and was trying to get rid of some stuff. He had a crappy chinese hookah that I was excited to get. The hose was the original wood hose ends that had been bastardized and put on a silicon(e) hose. It actually smoked really nicely, but I didn't know much about its quality, so I ended up trashing it. That said, it wouldn't be hard to make one - you just really need to aim for food-safe materials. You don't want to smoke out of something that's going to make you sick or introduce any chemicals into your body. Hookah smoke is certainly better than pretty much any other kind of smoke out there, but it's still smoke, and keeping it as clean and additive free is certainly what you want.
  7. TheEightyFour

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    Tangiers Mint.
  8. TheEightyFour

    Longest hookah session??

    I've had luck with just about any flavor of Tangiers in a Harmony lasting an extremely long time. And, when I think it's done, it's still a little wet on the bottom when I clean it out.
  9. What I've never understood is where the "wind covers are only good for outside" myth comes from. Wind covers, despite their name, trap in heat, and, with a little bit different coal management, help your coals last longer and stay consistent much longer. They save your shop money in the long run on coals. And when you have that One Drunk GuyTM show up (and you know it will happen) and knock over the hookah, your floors, tables, and anything flammable will be protected from the coals flying off by staying inside the wind cover, saving you money on repairs and maintenance. Ice hoses are probably the least gimmicky of any "cooling" devices. Ice chambered hookahs are prone to rust damage. Ice in the base melts quickly. An ice hose, given that you purchase quality ones, can last a couple hours, and provide the user a nice, cold smoke. Upside-down heads/bowls aren't worth it for a lounge, but phunnel bowls definitely would be an improvement if you're not using them already, particularly for juicier tobaccos, and it's pretty much a necessity for Tangiers.
  10. TheEightyFour

    Longest hookah session??

    I've had 5 hour sessions with one pack of Tangiers and a Harmony bowl.
  11. TheEightyFour

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    I'm back from the middle of nowhere. It wasn't a bad weekend, except for the fact our accommodations were horrible. But, I'm happy to be back. I'm gonna get my Tangiers on in just a few.
  12. TheEightyFour

    2 Hose or 1 Hose????

    DON'T CROSS THE STREAMS! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jyaLZHiJJnE But yeah, that's always an issue with multiple hookahs. If I'm at a party, I usually will set one up with Nakhla or Tangiers, and the other with something much lighter, like AF or Starbuzz, and pick out dramatically different flavors. People will gravitate toward one side of the table or another depending on their preferences in flavor and strength. It keeps things a lot cleaner. The problem is when you create a killer mix in one and everyone loves it and no one really cares for the other, or one is a sub-par hookah compared to the other. Then you've basically set up one hookah for nothing.
  13. TheEightyFour

    My New Netunoo Small Tank

    dd's got a point - that thing looks like it would absolutely suck to clean.
  14. Yeah, the lounge that I go to when I just gotta get out of the house is GREAT about coals. They'll ask me even how many I want, if I want to hold on to the tongs or not, and they make their rounds about every 15 minutes. Great service. I've been to others where it's a surcharge for an extra coal and "flipping" them is unheard of. No, I'm not paying for new coals. I'm just not doing it. I paid you already for the hookah. You can surely afford to put two or three new coals on my bowl. And yes, windcovers! Not only for heat though - the places that don't use them look like an atom bomb hit it after a year of opening because of "incidents."
  15. TheEightyFour

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    Let's put it this way: I just spent 4 hours building out 3 fields on a form. Ugh. --- Tangiers Noir Mint. Tomorrow, I'm heading out of town for a couple days for this family trip that I'm dreading. It's basically a trip for my mother-in-law (who I love, she's great), but it's to the middle of nowhere, with no internet access, and the schedule is a bunch of stuff that I have zero interest in participating in. I'm so far behind on work it's ridiculous, and "I'm not allowed" to do any work there. Hell, maybe I'll at least get more than 5 hours of sleep, so I'm looking forward to that at a minimum. No hookah. No vape. No guitar. No computer. Just "nature stuff." I'm a city boy. I don't do "nature stuff." I don't handle down-time and not doing anything very well. :sigh: I should mention the plan for breakfast and lunch every day is "Burger King." I hate everything.