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  1. I broke my mya base about two weeks ago. Finally got a new.... setup lol. Local shop carries "amy" which is german made screw in. The stem down piece is Incredibly wide. The scorpion looks a little too knock off for me. Paid 120$ Smoking fumari mimosa for the first time

  2. It is okay, not bad, but to me it isn’t as close to the actually Red Gummy Bear flavor as the White Gummy Bear is. In fact my husband got our lunch hookah ready this morning and when I started smoking I had no idea what he put in there. It was good and fruity, in fact I was leaning towards it being packed with Al Fakher Kiwi. So together (while good) don’t scream GUMMY BEARSSSSSSS!!!!!

    For some reason I don’t seem to really like the colored tobacco from Fumari. I don’t know what but it seems like most of the flavors that I have tried that I haven’t liked or downright hated have been that artificial red color.

    Yea it seems overdone. The only ones I like weirdly in that red state. Tutti frutti (tastes like juicy fruit gum to me) fumaris fumari. Similar to tutti but some interesting earthy tone. And rose. Rose is a hit or miss for some people id say. But its very relaxing...