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  1. WolfDen

    2014 07 07 001

    Awww, so precious!
  2. WolfDen

    Naklha Brandy Review

    That sounds good, I may have to try that next time I make an order.
  3. Designed after the UC Davis 20 point scoring sheet for wine I have created the 20 point scoring sheet for hookah. The most important thing to remember about using this sort of form is that it is unbiased. A shisha may score very well and it might not be something you particularly like and vice versa. If you have any ideas about anything that needs changed or updated let me know I am more than open to it. Shisha Score Sheet - 20 points Brand: Flavor: Shisha Texture Cut uniform in size with little to no stems 4 Mostly uniform in size with little to no stems 3 Mostly uniform in size with lots of stems 2 Cut not uniform in such a way that hinders packing 1 Smell Distinct characteristics of labeled flavor 3 Simple characteristics 2 Little to no smell of labeled flavor 1 Defective or off odor 0 Flavor Strong flavors that are correct to the advertised flavor 4 Light flavors that are correct to the advertised flavor 3 Flavors that are reminiscent to the advertised flavor 2 Flavor is incorrect to what is advertised 1 No flavor / Disagreeable Flavor 0 Sweetness Sweetness is appropriate for advertised flavor 2 Slightly off either too sweet or not sweet enough 1 Completely off, cloyingly sweet or bitter 0 Clouds Large fill a room clouds 3 Medium clouds 2 Small clouds 1 Longevity 120 minutes + 4 90- 120 minutes 3 60-90 minutes 2 30-60 minutes 1 Less than 30 minutes 0
  4. WolfDen

    Shisha Review Template

    Here is the template I have made up so far reviewing hookah tobaccos that I try. I’m sure it will be a work in progress as I add and take away things it make the review the best it can possible be. Please feel free let me know what works and what doesn’t and to take the template and use it as your own! [brand] - [Flavor] Amount Purchased: [Video Review if filmed] How Packaged: First Impression Smell: [Picture of Packed Bowl] Shisha Feel: Hookah: Bowl: Foil: Wind Cover: Type of Coals and Amount: Clouds: [Picture/Video of Clouds] Buzz: Flavor: Length of Session: Overall Impression:
  5. Fumari – White Peach Amount Purchased: 100 g How Packaged: Fumari comes in a thick resalable bag which works really well. There is no need to repackage this tobacco. First Impression Smell Wolfy – Candied / Caramelized peaches Manda – Very fruity, very peachy Shisha Feel: Very wet, even consistency with very few if any stems Hookah: Khalil Mamoon Fifa Ice Bowl: Harmony Foil: Kaloud Lotus Wind Cover: Kaloud Lotus Type of Coals and Amount: 3 Coco Mazaya Clouds: Dense full clouds, there are brands that have bigger but there is nothing lacking here I made some videos to really show off the smoke, but for some reason they would only load upside down. But… it doesn’t matter that I’m upside down, you can still see the smoke and that’s what it is really all about. By the way I’d love any tips or tricks to upload videos or how to edit them (hopefully a free program). Clouds just started: http://s704.photobucket.com/user/aw_mutts/media/WhitePeach1.mp4.html Clouds after 1 hour: http://s704.photobucket.com/user/aw_mutts/media/WhitePeach2.mp4.html Buzz: On an empty stomach Wolfy – Slight to moderate Manda – Slight Flavor: Wolfy – Light and fruity Manda – Fruity almost a candied peach taste Longevity: Just under 90 minutes Overall Impression: 15/20 Wolfy – Nice one of our favorites Manda – Good flavor, not a true peach but reminiscent enough to be enjoyable
  6. WolfDen

    Nakhla - Orange Peach Review

    The reviews are doing what they are supposed to! That sounds really good, I’ll have to get some the next time I make an order.
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    My Outdoor Hookah Lounge

    Pictures of my deck and pergola off the back of my house. Nothing like grilling and hookahing.
  8. WolfDen

    Hookah Corner – Ft Walton Beach FL

    The little hookah bar we found on our vacation. Great place.