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    I'm a hookah lover and try to expand my knowledge of hookah everyday. I make reviews on products on shisha and hoses on youtube. Right now I am smoking from an Oasis hookah with either a small funnel bowl or large Egyptian clay bowl. I always run Coco Narra coals.
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    Hookah, Hockey, Hunting, Fishing

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    Khalil Mamoon Kafae
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    Al Fahker tangiers nakhla
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    mint, cane mint, blueberry mint

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  1. jHookah

    Latest Shisha Order Thread

    Just made a big order with a friend but I am picking up a new washable hose some fml which I never tried and some extreme cane mint that I'm really excited for. I'm kind of mad that I totally forgot to get some Mizo mint though =(
  2. jHookah

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    Boy o boy has it been so long since I've been on here! A lot has happened since I've posted on here so this will be a long post xD first of all I am smoking some af grape and mint out of my new nakhla ice chamber hookah. My old km that most people remember me having was ruined by a friend because they smoked some herb out of it so he bought me a new one. Rest in piece Jessie bell. Second for those who remember I won the af mix comp (don't even know if they made that flavor yet) I won a glass hookah and someone stole it from me and my favorite yellow silicone hose =( and last a couple of my bowls have broke from family using them. So it's a new year and a new start to my hookah experience let's hope it's end better than last xD how haves everyone been
  3. jHookah

    Lava Lamp Hookah

    I would like to show you my last little project i did with a Lava Lamp and an Econo Mya Gelato Stem.