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    I'm a hookah lover and try to expand my knowledge of hookah everyday. I make reviews on products on shisha and hoses on youtube. Right now I am smoking from an Oasis hookah with either a small funnel bowl or large Egyptian clay bowl. I always run Coco Narra coals.
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    Hookah, Hockey, Hunting, Fishing

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    Khalil Mamoon Kafae
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    Al Fahker tangiers nakhla
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    mint, cane mint, blueberry mint

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  1. jHookah

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    Boy o boy has it been so long since I've been on here! A lot has happened since I've posted on here so this will be a long post xD first of all I am smoking some af grape and mint out of my new nakhla ice chamber hookah. My old km that most people remember me having was ruined by a friend because they smoked some herb out of it so he bought me a new one. Rest in piece Jessie bell. Second for those who remember I won the af mix comp (don't even know if they made that flavor yet) I won a glass hookah and someone stole it from me and my favorite yellow silicone hose =( and last a couple of my bowls have broke from family using them. So it's a new year and a new start to my hookah experience let's hope it's end better than last xD how haves everyone been
  2. jHookah

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    Yup yup i am that guy who won the al fakher mix madness contest =D anyways idk what to smoke this morning as i didnt have to work because of the rain. Maybe an AF peach and mint might be the choice
  3. jHookah

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    IM BACK!! sorry for the absents these last couple of weeks but i was sent up into ohio for work and i had no service most the time. Anyways i an loading up a bowl of AF grape and mint =) boy have a missed my hookah
  4. jHookah

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    Smoking some tangiers cane mint in my AF glass hookah( is that wrong of me to smoke a different brand from it) but i LOVE this little hookah. My only complaint is i can not add any ice to the base but other then that its a great little hookah
  5. jHookah

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    4 grape and mints 3 mints, 2 orange mint grapefruit and mint lemon mint peach, blueberry and mint, 7 wings, blews, lovely cherry, kiwi garden, citrus with mint, and 2 others i forgot
  6. jHookah

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    Smoked so of Af kiwi garden, blueberry mint, and citrus mint in my new AF glass hookah =) still cant believe i got the shippment in so fast
  7. jHookah

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    Smoking a small bowl of grape and mint. Also just put in my order of the 20 flavours i wanted from winning the contest =)
  8. jHookah

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    About to pack a bowl of some good ole cane mint. Man have i missed that flavour never again should i go 4 months without it. If i do one of yall need to slap my back into shape
  9. jHookah

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    Well if you have time off in the next couple days i live like 30 minutes from dc so maybe a hookah sesh!!!!!! I have a really good hookah lounge i like in sterling va
  10. jHookah

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    Had a bowl of grape mint earlier today and a bowl of blueberry mint later in the night. Both AF. I need to cane mint! Havent had any in a month or two ugh just waiting on the guy to call me that they got the order in
  11. jHookah

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    Didnt smoke today =( but i was watching family guy on netflix and they had a hookah in the show lol what a perfect time to stop it too
  12. jHookah

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    I havent really been smoking lately. Injured my ankle last saturday(not the one that just passed) and i am now just getting to walk on it without crutches. Being out of work for over a week now sucks as i just started this job not even a month ago and really need money as the next couple months will be eventful for me. Beginning of next month i have a good friend of mine staying with me and my family for a week. I am also trying to get a bike(if anyone could talk to me about financing a bike that would be great) and my a good friend of mine will soon be buying a house and i will be moving in there. On a good note. A new tobacco shop opened up not even a mile from my house and they will be getting a shipment of cane mint in =D
  13. jHookah

    How to make shisha tobacco at home

    in my opinion i believe it could work because you will be adding honey and or molasses, glycerin, and flavour so that could help with it not burning and regular shisha uses tobacco and that burns easily too
  14. jHookah

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    tell me how it is
  15. jHookah

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    ive tried it and i do not like it. So far haze has not in anyway proven to me they have good flavours.