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    I'm a hookah lover and try to expand my knowledge of hookah everyday. I make reviews on products on shisha and hoses on youtube. Right now I am smoking from an Oasis hookah with either a small funnel bowl or large Egyptian clay bowl. I always run Coco Narra coals.
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    Hookah, Hockey, Hunting, Fishing

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    Khalil Mamoon Kafae
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    Al Fahker tangiers nakhla
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    mint, cane mint, blueberry mint

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  1. jHookah

    Latest Shisha Order Thread

    Just made a big order with a friend but I am picking up a new washable hose some fml which I never tried and some extreme cane mint that I'm really excited for. I'm kind of mad that I totally forgot to get some Mizo mint though =(
  2. jHookah

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    Boy o boy has it been so long since I've been on here! A lot has happened since I've posted on here so this will be a long post xD first of all I am smoking some af grape and mint out of my new nakhla ice chamber hookah. My old km that most people remember me having was ruined by a friend because they smoked some herb out of it so he bought me a new one. Rest in piece Jessie bell. Second for those who remember I won the af mix comp (don't even know if they made that flavor yet) I won a glass hookah and someone stole it from me and my favorite yellow silicone hose =( and last a couple of my bowls have broke from family using them. So it's a new year and a new start to my hookah experience let's hope it's end better than last xD how haves everyone been
  3. jHookah

    My order just came in

    Al rayan has a really good orange and mint but my local shop stopped selling it =( i want to try their grape and mint and their blueberry flavour
  4. jHookah

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    Yup yup i am that guy who won the al fakher mix madness contest =D anyways idk what to smoke this morning as i didnt have to work because of the rain. Maybe an AF peach and mint might be the choice
  5. jHookah

    Best mint in bulk

    Me and you shall be good friends on here as i am a huge mint person myself. What-a-mint and fml mint are next to try on my mint list but imo mizo mint was weird at first but after a couple bowls i loved it. So far cane mint is still number one but mizo mint is a close second
  6. jHookah

    Disposing of hot coals

    What i used to do is get a empty tin can and dump them in there with a little water
  7. jHookah

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    IM BACK!! sorry for the absents these last couple of weeks but i was sent up into ohio for work and i had no service most the time. Anyways i an loading up a bowl of AF grape and mint =) boy have a missed my hookah
  8. jHookah

    Lounges in Michigan

    My family is from michigan and when i go up i visit the grizzly lounge in auburn hills. This is one of the best lounges i have ever been to. Hookahs are cheap and all hookahs are made with grapefruit bowls. Two down falls are no natural coals and no ice but even with that those hookahs are awesome. The layout is also pretty good to. Nice black leather couches and about 8 tvs in between each set of couches
  9. jHookah

    How old are you?

    Beat me by a couple months im 20 and i thought i was the youngest on here.
  10. jHookah

    Thoughts on Haze?

    I got it off hookahjohn but idk if they still do that deal
  11. jHookah

    Hookah.org Official Video Reviews

    At first it use to show the video then went to show just the url and now nothing
  12. jHookah

    Hookah.org Official Video Reviews

    Nima just an fyi the videos do not show in the app (android) it just shows a blank spot with your user name
  13. jHookah

    Flavor you can't live without?

    They changed up that recipe awhile back. I just started smokeing grape and mint with in the year on a daily but i can never remember it tasting like ketchup
  14. jHookah

    Flavor you can't live without?

    Cane mint and Af grape and mint for sure
  15. jHookah

    Strange issues with hookah

    We are a very helping and welcome forum. So you do not have to worry about asking questions. =) ive been smoking for almost 3 years now, worked at a hookah lounge and i still ask questions that are out of my expertise. I my self am a huge Al Fakher smoker and other than cane mint or mizo mint youll only find my smoking that brand. I saw earlier you wear asking about some starbuzz flavours and i may be able to help. The apple dippio or what ever is called to me is a very light double apple flavour. Mighty freeze is one of few starbuzz flavours that is strong and ill actually get from time to time. Lebanese bomshell i have never tried but just by smelling it i would imagine it tasting like bark from a tree. I am not willing to try that at all.