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    I'm a hookah lover and try to expand my knowledge of hookah everyday. I make reviews on products on shisha and hoses on youtube. Right now I am smoking from an Oasis hookah with either a small funnel bowl or large Egyptian clay bowl. I always run Coco Narra coals.
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    Hookah, Hockey, Hunting, Fishing

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    Khalil Mamoon Kafae
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    Al Fahker tangiers nakhla
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    mint, cane mint, blueberry mint

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  1. jHookah

    How to make shisha tobacco at home

    in my opinion i believe it could work because you will be adding honey and or molasses, glycerin, and flavour so that could help with it not burning and regular shisha uses tobacco and that burns easily too
  2. jHookah

    Lava Lamp Hookah

    I would like to show you my last little project i did with a Lava Lamp and an Econo Mya Gelato Stem.