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    I'm a hookah lover and try to expand my knowledge of hookah everyday. I make reviews on products on shisha and hoses on youtube. Right now I am smoking from an Oasis hookah with either a small funnel bowl or large Egyptian clay bowl. I always run Coco Narra coals.
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    Hookah, Hockey, Hunting, Fishing

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    Khalil Mamoon Kafae
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    Al Fahker tangiers nakhla
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    mint, cane mint, blueberry mint

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Hey, I have been smoking hookah since I've been 18. I've tried almost all Al Fakher flavours and their special edition flavours. Al Fakher is my favorite brand of shisha. My goal in life is to open up my own hookah lounge. Brands I've tried are Al Fakher, Nakhla, Fumari, Haze, Social Smoke, Tangiers, Hookah-Hookah, Alfez, and Starbuzz. If you need help with anything I'll help you to the best of my knowledge. Happy Smoking