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  1. wendybabendy

    can u put whiskey (whisky) in hookah?

    That's why I said "in a way" because there will be some evaporation from the heated smoke, just not as much as the Vaportini... Personally, I'd like to try one just to say I did
  2. wendybabendy

    can u put whiskey (whisky) in hookah?

    This is the same concept, in a way, as the Vaportini... http://geekologie.com/2013/01/this-will-end-bad-35-alcohol-vaporizer-g.php ~Going where the wind blows
  3. wendybabendy

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    I've had great success with some Starbuzz, and others not so much. Argelini is so easy to work with, but I like the extensive favors in Starbuzz... Guess I'll just have to keep playing with them that is one of the joys of Hookah, after all, right? -Going where the wind blows...
  4. wendybabendy

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    Anyone notice harshness when smoking Starbuzz? I keep the coals to a minimum, but just the slightest too much heat and it's harsh on the throat... Any advice?? -Going where the wind blows...
  5. wendybabendy

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    Pineapple Argelini and Starbuzz Tangerine Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk