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  1. HookahBAM

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    Afzal Choc mint after work best ever haha (Don't judge my quick lites lol)
  2. HookahBAM

    IMG 2721

    it looks a little twiggy? we don't have that brand this side, very juicy by the looks of it haha
  3. HookahBAM

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    This is what I'm referring to, this was the original packaging for the pan raas everyone know's now
  4. HookahBAM

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    This is actually quite nice.. just saw it yesterday
  5. HookahBAM

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    Hey dude, correct me if I'm wrong but before the new packaging wasn't Pan Raas called Pan Rasna? I got so use to calling it that as it's one of my fav's that I still call it that haha