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    Egyptian 3 pipe & Asian 2 pipe
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    Mint, Pan Rasna, Gum with mint, Cinnamon
  1. Hookah Identification

    Yeah it rotates it's really convenient haha
  2. Hookah Identification

    So I've been reading through the forum a bit and I'm curious as to what hookah I have but can't get a decent pic from FB just got this. Could anyone tell me what it is, it doesn't have a mark or engraving on it so it's not a branded hookah but this beauty smokes like a beast, I've been told it's an Egyptian but I would like to confirm it. And on a side note has anyone smoked from one of these large hookahs? Saw this in Durban, Ecko_1 it's crazy big just want to know what they smoke like haha
  3. Smoking Right Now Thread

    Afzal Choc mint after work best ever haha (Don't judge my quick lites lol)
  4. IMG 2721

    it looks a little twiggy? we don't have that brand this side, very juicy by the looks of it haha
  5. Watching/Listening to Right Now Thread

    Asking Alexandria - Breathless
  6. Smoking Right Now Thread

    This is what I'm referring to, this was the original packaging for the pan raas everyone know's now
  7. Smoking Right Now Thread

    This is actually quite nice.. just saw it yesterday
  8. Smoking Right Now Thread

    Hey dude, correct me if I'm wrong but before the new packaging wasn't Pan Raas called Pan Rasna? I got so use to calling it that as it's one of my fav's that I still call it that haha
  9. Custom Bowls

    Lol the Zombie one is my fav haha I'll post some pics of my hookah soon.. I actually dropped my minion lol..
  10. Custom Bowls

    lol.. I'll ask her to send me some more pics
  11. Custom Bowls

    My friend owns a pottery and she made me these, best bowls I've ever smoked from honestly..
  12. Hookah.org App Updates & Bug Fixes

    I'll give it a shot, thanks bro
  13. Hookah.org App Updates & Bug Fixes

    To much effort... lol I'll just stick to desktop
  14. Hookah.org App Updates & Bug Fixes

    Is there an app for Windows phones? i.e. Lumia 920