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  1. Smoking Right Now Thread

    Im using Starbuzz Melon blue with StarBuzz Pink. It makes a nice blueberry pink lemonade.
  2. Ice in the Base, or ice hose?

    Ok ill have to get it. I love cooled smoke even in the winter.
  3. Ice in the Base, or ice hose?

    yes but does it cool the smoke as it goes down the mid pipe?
  4. Ice in the Base, or ice hose?

    Im looking at it and i don't see how it works. Can you explain for me please?
  5. Ice in the Base, or ice hose?

    Can you send me a link to one? i may have to end up getting that since my base's opening is to small for ice >.<
  6. Ice in the Base, or ice hose?

    Iv been looking around and it seems there are a lot of ways to cool smoke. What is your favorite way? I know both ways would be best but i want to see which one way everyone enjoys!