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    Latest Shisha Order Thread

    Just ordered an HJ Harmony bowl and my first Nammor hose (a large with the 70" hose & 12" handle) from H-S to replace my Tonic XL that broke on me last week. Honestly, my roommate got me that Tonic for Christmas and it only latex till maybe the end of January. The construction was just absolutely terrible and it was cheap but not THAT cheap. I would definitely say stay away from Tonic hoses. I know a few people who have the TXH Hose and it seems better constructed which is surprising given the fact that its made by Tonic to the best of my knowledge. Just a note, if you live in TX H-S is the way to go. Their warehouse is in Austin and I get anything I order next day in San Antonio with the cheapest ground shipping. Also, their customer service is phenomenal as always.
  2. cameronscottsummers

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    Degrees make a world of difference. I just turned 21 and I've been living on my own since I was 18, I had debt up to my chin but all you can do is chip away at it.
  3. cameronscottsummers

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    I'm the type of person who works out of necessity regardless of whether or not I enjoy it so I've been in your position before. Just remember, opportunity is everywhere and seize it when it becomes available.
  4. cameronscottsummers

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    Working from home is seriously the best. I used to be a web developer for a business law firm here and I worked whenever I wanted so long as I put in at least 30hrs a week and made my deadlines. I'd never wake up before 2pm. Now I work in an office from 8am-5pm and I hate my hours but definitely love my job and better pay. I usually smoke a bowl a day or every other day during the work week.
  5. cameronscottsummers

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    Yeah, they're so much better than the american name brand sodas IMO
  6. cameronscottsummers

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    SB CocoJumbo & AF Pineapple with flattened Jarritos Pina soda in the base
  7. cameronscottsummers

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    70% Fumari Red Gummy 30% AF Mint Egyptian bowl coz my large phunnel broke :'( Ice water in the base