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  1. May Giveaway - Sponsored by HookahHub.com

    Lmao great, now I'm contributing.
  2. May Giveaway - Sponsored by HookahHub.com

    We need to start a support group. My roommate knocked mine off the counter while I was at work and when my girlfriend called me I was practically in tears. Lol I just replaced it with a Harmony yesterday (which BTW is fucking incredible).
  3. May Giveaway - Sponsored by HookahHub.com

    I have an off brand Chinese silicon bowl and the same happens in my two mini hookahs. Overall the silicon bowls are absolutely awesome and most fit the lotus perfectly.
  4. Latest Shisha Order Thread

    Just ordered an HJ Harmony bowl and my first Nammor hose (a large with the 70" hose & 12" handle) from H-S to replace my Tonic XL that broke on me last week. Honestly, my roommate got me that Tonic for Christmas and it only latex till maybe the end of January. The construction was just absolutely terrible and it was cheap but not THAT cheap. I would definitely say stay away from Tonic hoses. I know a few people who have the TXH Hose and it seems better constructed which is surprising given the fact that its made by Tonic to the best of my knowledge. Just a note, if you live in TX H-S is the way to go. Their warehouse is in Austin and I get anything I order next day in San Antonio with the cheapest ground shipping. Also, their customer service is phenomenal as always.
  5. Cant get my hands on social smoke shisha!

    Being from TX where Social Smoke is made I have to say I've had pretty much every flavor they make... None of which I'd rather replace with a Starbuzz flavor. Intense flavor, incredible cloud output and a cut that makes it easy to dense pack without straining your lungs. Social Smoke does absolutely give a heavier head buzz than Starbuzz regular as they do use an unwashed VA tobacco. The other thing you may be feeling could be due to an off brand of coals that are giving off some bad fumes or too light of a pack causing you to essentially suck in coal directly. Nonetheless, hopefully you get a hold of the sweet nectar that is Social Smoke, they're a great company and they make some damn amazing shisha.
  6. May Giveaway - Sponsored by HookahHub.com

    I smoke just about every shisha with pin holes. I feel as though you get. a better seal and the bit of restriction from that makes the flavor more intense. My favorite bowls are: 1. My small and large egyptians for smoking drier tobaccos (mainly AF) 2. My HJ Harmony (shipping in today) a buddy of mine has one and Starbuzz, Social Smoke, Fumari, Tangier's and even AF if packed right smoke phenomenally in it.
  7. Me Bein an ass..In reviews

    My absolute favorites are AF Kiwi & Grapefruit. Also, being that I'm from Texas I got a little Texas proud about Social Smoke and I've tried all their flavors. I dislike a few like Potion #9 & Sex panther simply due to the presence of a chemical flavor much like SB. But they have (in my opinion) the best mint. The AF Mint has a strange undertone for me in the last few years that it didn't seem to have before so SS Mint is my go to if I'm willing to shell out the extra few bucks... Given that TX has the highest tobacco taxes in the country. I pay a little over ten dollars additionally over the price of every 250g I buy on H-S or anywhere just to have it shipped into TX. IT SUCKS SO BAD.
  8. Me Bein an ass..In reviews

    Absolutely. I love meeting new smokers and teaching them all the terminology and you just have to understand that a lot of the terminology takes a while to stick. I mean for Christ's sake... I still go back and forth between base and vase because I'm not sure which I like better. Its all personal preference and at the end of the day its about smoking and relaxing... Who the hell cares how accurate your terminology is. Hookah is the thing that brings me down after a long work day or helps me enjoy some badass weather on a Sunday morning... I can't stand people who make it more than that. /rant
  9. Me Bein an ass..In reviews

    The fact of the matter is Hookah culture is adapted and spoken of differently in every different country. Being American I call it a Hookah and the tobacco is Shisha, but Middle Easterners, Portuguese and even Africans all have different terminology. I came to this forum after being pushed off at a few other as and felt most accepted and comfortable here. I was called a noob because I don't smoke Tangier's... In 2012 I had brain surgery that left me very sensitive to high levels of nicotine and I am still able to smoke lower nicotine shishas such as SB, AF, Fumari and so on but not Tangier's or Nakhla. I was literally picked on like a grade school kid for not smoking Tangier's due to my condition because apparently my condition was just an excuse for my being too much of a noob to pack Tangier's. Lol So thank you to all the badass people on HF.
  10. Smoking Right Now Thread

    Degrees make a world of difference. I just turned 21 and I've been living on my own since I was 18, I had debt up to my chin but all you can do is chip away at it.
  11. Smoking Right Now Thread

    I'm the type of person who works out of necessity regardless of whether or not I enjoy it so I've been in your position before. Just remember, opportunity is everywhere and seize it when it becomes available.
  12. H-S stickers

    I have the one with the red hookah that has the wooden hose and I had the octopus one until my douche canoe ex-roommate stole it.
  13. Smoking Right Now Thread

    Working from home is seriously the best. I used to be a web developer for a business law firm here and I worked whenever I wanted so long as I put in at least 30hrs a week and made my deadlines. I'd never wake up before 2pm. Now I work in an office from 8am-5pm and I hate my hours but definitely love my job and better pay. I usually smoke a bowl a day or every other day during the work week.
  14. Vaping Right Now Thread

    Oh alright, I'm actually a webapp developer. I write in HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, SQL & I work heavily with the Bootstrap & jQuery libraries. I've been doing it for around 10 years. Although I'm actually a data coordinator for a company. I do their development since literally no one in this 12,000 employee company knows PHP lol
  15. Vaping Right Now Thread

    Completely off topic so my apologies... TheEightyFour, what type of code do you write? Back on topic... Vaping "venom" from that weirdly named brand Badawa-something out of my cotton wick tank with a Kanger adjustable at 3.95v.