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    Regal Melech, Roi Classic, KM Kafe
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    Social Smoke, Tangiers, Haze
  1. Hello Everyone!

    Well let me know! Can stop by my place or a lounge around her. There;s plenty to choose from but just pricey in my opinion But always free at my place!
  2. Hello Everyone!

    I usually use my Regal Melech with my Kaloud Lotus, Haze Charcoal, Roi Glass Hose or Fancy Hose, and usually smoke Tangiers Cane Mint
  3. Hello Everyone!

    Should stop by in Greensboro and have a smoke!
  4. Smoking Right Now Thread

    Smoking some Tangiers Burley Cane Mint <3
  5. Hello Everyone!

    My name is Calvin aka "Hookrainian" on my YouTube Channel. I started smoking hookah about 5-6 years ago but did not get really into it until 2012. I love all kinds of brands especially Social Smoke, Tangiers, Haze, Al Fakher, etc. You name it. I currently reside in Greensboro, North Carolina. So if anyone is around that area hit me up and we can arrange a meet up! Hoping to make some great friends on here. -Calvin