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  1. sweetshisha

    How to make shisha tobacco at home

    ok, i have made it. woow the process is long and i will put the pics and info up shortly, but i have a question. after I backed it in the oven, it still seems a bit wet from the washing even thought I took out all the water I could. What shall i do to dry it more because I dont think it is going to burn like this. I ended up using honey.
  2. sweetshisha

    How to make shisha tobacco at home

    yea i think i will probably stick with a honey binder as the molasses i have is just soo strong. My gut feeling is that im just going to waste the leaf by using it. honey will have a much a lighter flavour.
  3. sweetshisha

    How to make shisha tobacco at home

    Hi guys, I have been looking around and eager to get involved. I am going to look at making my own shisha flavour but I just have a few questions which I would like to work through. now, in the video is say you can use either honey or molasses as your binder! I would like to know how you go about using the molasses which the molasses which I bought has such a strong taste that i feel that if I add this to my tobacco, it will totally over power any other flavours I put in there?? how can I go about using the molasses without the taste being ruined. For my first test batch, I am looking to make an almond coffee flavour shisha. I have bought most of the things. I am just waiting for the virginia tobacco leaf to arrive. I am using almond flavouring which already has Propylene Glycol in it to help with the smoke cloud. plus I will add in extra Glycerine.